Spring in Warsaw: things to do in Warsaw in the springtime

Spring is a favorite time of the year for many Warsaw residents. It’s also a great time to visit the capital – it’s warm but not too hot, and nature wonderfully comes to life with greenery and colors. You can feel the vibrant energy of the city at every step!

The cover photo featured the Saxon Garden (in Polish: Ogród Saski) in the center of Warsaw in May.

Warsaw in bloom: the best places in the Warsaw area to admire magnolias, Japanese sakura cherries, rhododendrons blossom

After long months of autumn and winter, Warsaw can be perceived as a grey city;) Fortunately, in spring, the city comes alive with flowering trees and blooming nature wherever you look: magnolias, cherries (including sakura), daffodils, tulips, pansies.

Magnolias bloom in Poland, depending on the species, usually from mid-April to mid-May. Fruit trees in Poland bloom, depending on the species, usually from the end of May to mid-May. Japanese sakura cherries bloom in Warsaw usually in April (in 2023 they bloomed in mid-April). Rhododendrons bloom in Poland, depending on the species, usually in May and June.

Where to see Sakura – Japanese cherry in the Warsaw area?

Where to see magnolia and rhododendron blossoms in the Warsaw area?

You can admire the greatest variety of blooming shrubs, trees, and flowers in the botanical gardens, including magnolia and rhododendrons. There are 3 botanical gardens in Warsaw and its vicinity:

Other locations in the Warsaw area where you can find magnolias and rhododendrons in bloom include:

The photos below – a magnolia blooming in front of the Palace in Wilanów, Warsaw, and Japanese sakura cherry trees in the Botanical Garden in Powsin.
Find out more in our post presenting 15 parks in Warsaw worth visiting.

Ideas for a spring day trip from Warsaw

Medieval castle ruins in Czersk, 40 km from Warsaw

The medieval, Gothic castle in Czersk was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. Although it has been heavily damaged over the centuries, its gothic towers and walls still attract those who love history.
There is another reason why it is worth visiting Czersk – great views of the Vistula River valley, space, and relaxing silence, especially during spring or summertime when it is green all around.

Every weekend from the beginning of May to the end of September, special events take place at the Castle – historical picnics (they present everyday life in various historical periods – presentation of old crafts, martial arts, cuisine). Weekend attractions include knight’s tents, including one open to the public, an armory, an archery track and fencing with safe training weapons, medieval board games, and other games, presentations of selected crafts, and medieval fashion shows.

Click here to read our tips in English about visiting the Castle (tickets, opening hours, etc.).

Photo source: Zamek Czersk

The Park and Museum in the Birthplace of Frederic Chopin

Fryderyk Chopin’s birthplace is in the village of Żelazowa Wola, in central Poland, 50 km west of Warsaw. The small house where Chopin was born is located in a beautiful park. There is a permanent exhibition in the house to tour and a temporary exhibition in the pavilion with the ticket office.

Whether you love classical music and Frederic Chopin compositions or not, the Żelazowa Wola village is a must on your “to visit list” in Poland. And it is because of the most beautiful park surrounding the birthplace and the Museum of Frederic Chopin. In Poland, there are for sure bigger parks, but the one in Żelazowa Wola seems just perfect. The park was developed in 1932-1939 and renovated for the 2010 Chopin Year Celebrations (200th birth anniversary). It has new paths, benches, bridges (the Utrata river flows through the park), ponds, and pergolas – everything elegant and modern, but modern in a good way – that brings comfort and is visually unobtrusive. Also, this is not a regular park – everywhere you can hear Chopin’s music, played quietly from BOSE speakers hidden all over the park in bushes, grass, or ivy.

If you are not sure if it is worth going there, read our article with photos from a trip to Żelazowa Wola: Żelazowa Wola – the birthplace of Frederic Chopin, and… one of the most beautiful parks in Poland.

And here you will find our tips for visiting Żelazowa Wola – the birthplace of Frederic Chopin.

Educational park in the Wkra river valley in Pomiechówek, 40 km from Warsaw

Almost 10 hectares of land with educational routes for walks designed to protect the richness of fauna and flora. Attractions include a 1 km nature trail, a picnic area, a small beach, an observation deck, a rope park, a playground, a butterfly meadow with 50:1 scale models of Polish butterfly species, a treetop route (the whole route is almost 250 m long; the bridges are hung between ten nests, the first of which is 2.5 m high and the last one is over 5 m high).

Photo source: Dolina Wkry w Pomiechówku

Ideas for things to do in Warsaw in spring

For things to do INDOOR in Warsaw, please read our post that includes the list of ideas for fun (indoor!) activities for a bad weather day in Warsaw: Indoor things to do in Warsaw.

Explore Warsaw with our list of museums and galleries in Warsaw by district – there’s one to suit every interest and many of them are free to visit.

Alpine Coaster in Warsaw’s Ochota district
Location: Górka Szczęśliwicka hill, Park Szczęśliwicki, Drawska 22 Street (Ochota). Location on Google map. The “Alpine Coaster” in Ochota usually reopens after winter break in mid-March. You can enjoy it during the spring-summer season on Górka Szczęśliwicka (the highest hill in Warsaw, 152 m), in Park Szczęśliwicki – the biggest park in the Ochota district of Warsaw. Polish name: kolejka grawitacyjna. The gravity slide has two seats. Speed up to 36 km/h, route length over 700 m. Opening hours: daily from 10 am to dusk. Price of the slide, 1 point per 1 ride: 1 point 12 PLN, 2 points 20 PLN, 6 points 50 PLN. A slide of 2 people equals 2 points. Minimum age for children: 3 years. Children younger than 8 years old may use the gravity slide only when accompanied by an older person over 8 years old. The gravity slide may be closed in case of rainfall. Website in PolishFacebook.

Go-karting tracks in the Warsaw area
There are 4 indoor karting tracks in and around Warsaw – open all year round. They offer go-karts for both adults and children. Click here to read our post featuring karting tracks in the Warsaw area.

An indoor ice skating rink ‘Figlowisko‘ in Ursynów, open 24/7
Location: Aleja Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 60 Street (Ursynów). Opening hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays. You can rent ice skates and a supporter/penguin on-site. Website, info about tickets, and Facebook page. In 2024 a new cooling system was introduced. The owners announced that the ice rink will be open until the summer holidays!

The Roof Garden of the Warsaw University Library 
Location: Dobra 66 Street (Powiśle), the building of the Warsaw University Library. The roof garden is closed during the winter season and opens on April 1st. Free entrance. Open every day. From the top, you will have a wonderful view of Warsaw, including the Vistula River and the Palace of Culture and Science. More in English about the Roof Garden and lots of photos in our post.

Have a walk and look for the first signs of spring in one of Warsaw’s many parks
Spring is approaching in small steps – it is worth planning walks in one of the many Warsaw parks. Read about the selected 16 parks in Warsaw worth visiting in our post: Discover green Warsaw: charming parks and gardens in the Warsaw area to enjoy the beauty of nature.

An idea for spring hiking: the Kampinos Forest near Warsaw
The Kampinos Forest (Puszcza Kampinoska) is located right next to the northwestern border of Warsaw. Most of its area is protected within the Kampinoski National Park (admission to the park is free). In our post on the website, you will find a detailed description of selected hiking trails (e.g. starting point, where to leave a car) and our tips.

Chopin music piano recitals
Location: Fryderyk Concert Hall, Podwale 15 Street (the old town), online tickets. The recitals feature Fryderyk Chopin’s most famous compositions. Website in English.

Bowling in Warsaw
Try to pronounce bowling in Polish: kręgle! Bowling is relatively new entertainment in Poland, but many Poles – children and adults – have come to love it. Selected bowling alleys in Warsaw include Hulakula in Praga (website in English), MK Bowling in Galeria Młociny shopping center in Bielany (website in Polish), 7 Club in Praga (website in Polish), Arco in Ochota (website in Polish), Kręgielnia TB in Ursynów (website in Polish), Kręgielnia TB in Włochy (website in Polish), Kręgielnia TB in Ochota (website in Polish), Kręgielnia TB in Gocław/Praga (website in Polish), Kręgielnia TB in Saska Kępa (website in Polish), Bowl Pub in Mokotów – Warszawianka water park (website in Polish).

Warsaw Zoo
Location: Ratuszowa 1/3 Street (Praga). The last admission is one hour before the Zoo closes. Online tickets. Website in English.

Indoor playgrounds and soft play centers in Warsaw
Stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids in Warsaw on a rainy day? We’ve rounded up the best indoor and soft play areas in Warsaw in our quest to discover brilliant family attractions in Warsaw. From slides and climbing frames to ball pools, role-play games, and trampolines, parents have been telling us their favorite play centers in Warsaw. Find the perfect places to go with your kids and get out on your next adventure! More in our post: Top indoor play spaces in Warsaw.

Multimedia shows at Multimedia Fountain Park
From May until the end of September. Location: Multimedia Fountain Park (Multimedialny Park Fontann), a fountain complex located in between the Old Town/New Town area and the Vistula River, location on Google map, free entrance. Multimedia show (music, lights, water, laser) each Friday and Saturday. Our tips in English about the Fountain Park in Warsaw.

Outdoor karting track at the National Stadium
From May until September. Location: the National Stadium (PGE Narodowy), Al. Ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1 Street, car entrance from ul. R. Siwca Street, entrance from gate number 9. It is an outdoor track that also has go-karts for children (Junior go-karts: karts for children from approx. 135-140 cm tall) as well as two-seater go-karts- taxi (An adult takes the driver’s position. The child is a passenger. Available for children aged 5+ over 120 cm tall). Offer for children includes summer camps, go-kart school, and birthday parties. Due to exclusive reservations of the track, please check the Calendar for track availability dates before going out. Individual tickets for go-kart rides are sold on an ongoing basis at the track reception (without prior reservation). Reservations are possible only for groups. It’s an outdoor track – it’s closed when it rains. Location on Google map. Website in PolishFacebook page. Instagram. Click here to read our post featuring karting tracks in the Warsaw area.

Horse Racing at Służewiec Racetrack
From the end of April until mid-November. Location: Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec, Puławska 266 Street (Ursynów), more in Polish and online tickets (visitors up to 18 years old free entrance). The Służewiec Horse Racetrack is not only a horse race but also an important monument in Warsaw – the track was opened in June 1939, and at that time it was the most modern and largest horse racing track in Europe. Of course, you don’t have to play sports betting if you don’t want to. It’s fun to watch the horses (sometimes you can even get up close), the children can play on the playground, you can eat something, and the race area itself is a huge green space! It is also worth paying attention to the kilometer-long wall separating the area of the Racing Track from Puławska Street, which has become a street gallery of Polish graffiti artists. Horse racing in Warsaw takes place almost every weekend, from end-April to mid-November. How to get there? By car, through the main gate at Puławska Street, where there is a large parking lot. You can also take tram no. 4 or 10 to the terminus. Website in English.

Historical picnic at the medieval castle ruins in Czersk, 40 km from Warsaw
Every weekend in May, June, July, August, and September. Location: Czersk Castle (Zamek w Czersku), Plac Tysiąclecia 1, 05-530 Czersk (40 km south of Warsaw). Weekend events feature everyday life in various historical periods – presentation of old crafts, martial arts, cuisine, tournaments, workshops. Our tips in English on visiting the Czersk Castle.

Famous summer outdoor piano recitals in the Łazienki Royal Park (FREE)
From mid-May until the end of September. Location: Royal Łazienki Garden, the area next to the Chopin Monument, closer entrance – from Aleje Ujazdowskie Street. The exact location of recitals on Google Maps. Famous outdoor piano recitals of Chopin music in the Łazienki Royal Park are back every season from mid-May. Next to the monument of Fryderyk Chopin, in the park, there is a piano on which Chopin’s music is played by award-winning pianists from Poland and abroad. Every Sunday, 2 concerts: 12 pm and 4 pm. Free entrance. Our tips in English on visiting the Łazienki Royal Park.

Warsaw Veturilo city bikes

Veturilo Warsaw public bikes are available after a winter break from March 1 until November 30. In Warsaw, there are 3000+ city bicycles (including 300 electric bikes and 30 tandems) to rent in 300+ stations. The Veturilo website is available in PolishEnglishGerman, Ukrainian, and Spanish. You will find there an interactive station map of Warsaw. To rent a bike, use a dedicated application.

Prices for renting Veturilo remain unchanged this season. The first 20 minutes of each rental is free, and you only pay 1 PLN for the first hour.

Price list for standard city bikes and tandems/ two-seater bikes:

  • 1-20 minutes – PLN 0
  • 21-60 minutes – PLN 1
  • Second hour – PLN 3
  • Third hour – PLN 5
  • Fourth and every subsequent hour – PLN 7

Rental of bikes with electric support:

  • 1-20 minutes – PLN 0
  • 21-60 minutes – PLN 6
  • The second and each subsequent hour – PLN 14

Ropes courses in Warsaw

High ropes courses are a series of challenging obstacles situated in trees that you cross one by one – you move across obstacles, platforms, bridges constructed in trees. You are attached to a rope and you use a belay to keep you safe.

Climb through the trees and take on tree-to-tree crossings on ropes courses! It’s a fantastic outdoor adventure for both kids and adults! In Warsaw and the Warsaw area, you will find many rope parks offering courses for families with children as well as adults and older children.

Our post covers:

  • Ropes course tips for beginners and what you need to know.
  • 7 high ropes courses in Warsaw (in the districts of Praga, Ursynów, Bielany, Ursus, Wesoła, and Powsin).
  • If you are looking for an idea for a day trip from Warsaw, our post includes also 6 rope parks in the vicinity of Warsaw.
For more information (locations, contact info), please read our post: 13 ropes courses in the area of Warsaw – a fantastic outdoor adventure for both kids and adults.

Vistula River cruises, boat trips & kayaking in the Warsaw area

Water attractions in Warsaw are usually available from the end of April to September/October.

Please note that due to weather conditions or the water level in the Vistula River, some cruises can be temporarily suspended. It’s recommended to check the website/Facebook page of a cruise provider before heading out.

Our post covers:

  • Cruises on the Vistula River in Warsaw.
  • Gondolas, canoes, and wooden boats in the Wilanów district of Warsaw.
  • FREE ferries across the Vistula River in Warsaw.
  • All-day boat trips on the Vistula River to the town of Serock near Warsaw, to Zegrzyńskie Lake.
  • Kayak rental in Warsaw and kayaking trips along the Vistula River in the Warsaw area.
  • Ferry across the Vistula River near the town of Konstancin – an idea to spice up your bike trip.
For more information (locations, photos, contact info), please read our post: Cruises and boat tours on the Vistula River in Warsaw, kayaking in the Warsaw area.

Food halls, outdoor street food markets in Warsaw

Where to eat in springtime in Warsaw?

Most cafes and restaurants have tables outside starting from April/May – it’s worth using them, the spring and summer months are the only time in Poland when you can eat outside and not get cold!;)

It is also worth taking advantage of seasonal places in Warsaw – outdoor street food markets that gather food tracks, offering cuisines from around the world.

And if you want to eat inside, in the cool air conditioning, Warsaw food halls are a great option. They offer a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and local restaurant concepts. A great solution for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a group – everyone orders from a different restaurant and eats at a common table.

Seasonal outdoor street food markets in Warsaw

Outdoor street food markets in Warsaw are typically open from April/May until the end of August/September.

“Nocny Market” in Wola (open from May)
Location: Nocny Market, Towarowa 3 Street (Wola). Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. “The Night Market” is located on the platforms of the closed railway station. Facebook page. Instagram.

“Targ Śniadaniowy” – The Breakfast Market in Żoliborz, Mokotów (open from April/May)
Żoliborz location, Saturdays: al. Wojska Polskiego 1 Street. Mokotów location, Sundays: Skwer Grupy AK “Granat”, corner of Puławska and Woronicza Street. Open on Saturday (in Żoliborz) and Sunday (in Mokotów). Street food, bread, pastries, cheese, sausages, vegan delicatessen, vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish. Facebook page (before going out, it is worth checking their Facebook – in case of bad weather, the event is canceled).

Food PopUp on the Vistula Boulevards (open from June)
Location: Bulwar Flotylli Wiślanej – the Vistula Boulevards, the area between “Pomost 511” and “Fala” clubs (location on Google map). The event runs from June until the end of summer – every weekend (Friday 6 pm – 2 am, Saturday 2 pm – 2 am, Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm). Details on Facebook.

For more information about 6 food halls in Warsaw, street food, farmers’ markets in Warsaw and photos, please read our post: Guide to Warsaw food halls and marketplaces (outdoor & indoor).

Our monthly ‘What’s on in Warsaw’ posts with detailed info on events and things to do in Warsaw in March, April, and May

To help you plan and enjoy your time in Warsaw, we publish our ‘What’s on in Warsaw’ post every month. These posts include a list of interesting events in Warsaw in a given month, e.g. concerts, fairs, exhibitions, festivals, guided tours. You will also find there some new ideas for things to do in Warsaw, for one-day trips around Warsaw, or news and updates from the life of the capital.

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