Summer in Warsaw: outdoor swimming pools in Warsaw, a guarded beach at the lake, a water playground, water parks in the Warsaw area with open-air pools

Outdoor swimming pools in Warsaw reopen for a new season in the first weeks of June and operate until the end of August. Summer is the only time when the weather in Poland allows you to use outdoor pools. July is the warmest month in Poland. The average monthly temperature in July is 19°C / 66°F, in June – the first summer month in Poland – it’s 6,6°C / 62°F, and in August – the last summer month – it’s 18,5°C / 65°F.

Opening schedule – Summer season 2024

  • Open from May 29, 2024 Ośrodek Moczydło, an outdoor swimming pool in Wola
  • Open from May 29, 2024Ośrodek Inflancka, outdoor swimming pools in the city center
  • Open from June 9, 2024Kąpielisko nad Jeziorkiem Czerniakowskim, guarded swimming area and beach at the Czerniakowskie Lake in Mokotów (FREE ENTRANCE)
  • Open from June 1, 2024Kompleks basenów w Parku Szczęśliwickim, an outdoor swimming pool in Ochota
  • Open from June 13, 2024Pływalnia w Parku Kultury w Powsinie, outdoor swimming pool in Powsin (Kabaty Forest)

Outdoor swimming pools in Warsaw

Outdoor swimming pools in the city center
Location: Ośrodek Inflancka, Inflancka 8 Street (city center), location on Google map. Outdoor attractions include swimming pools with a 50 m water slide and a 14 m family slide. The paddling pools have two slides for the youngest children. There is also a sports field and two playgrounds in the sports center. Pricing (free entrance for children up to 4 years old). Normal and discounted tickets can only be purchased online (it is not possible to purchase this type of ticket at the box office). Family tickets can only be purchased at the reception desk in the main building of the Inflancka Center (entrance to the indoor swimming pool), family tickets are not available online. In the event of bad weather, the pool will be closed and customers will be notified on Facebook. Website in Polish.

Photo source: Ośrodek Inflancka

Outdoor swimming pool in Wola
Location: Park Wodny Moczydło, Górczewska 69/73 Street. Location on Google Maps. In the event of bad weather, the pool will be closed and customers will be notified on Facebook. Attractions include a 50 x 20 sqm swimming pool, and a swimming pool complex (2.8 thousand sqm), including a pool for children with a water playground, slides: kamikaze, anaconda, and three-track multi-slide. Website in Polish. Facebook.

Photo source: Park Wodny Moczydło

Outdoor swimming pool in Ochota
Location: Park Szczęśliwicki, Usypiskowa 18 Street. Attractions include a 25.04 m x 12.52 m sports swimming pool, recreation pool with hydromassage, paddling pool for children, and tube slideWebsite in PolishFacebook.

Photo source: Park Szczęśliwicki

Outdoor swimming pool in Praga/Saska Kępa
Location: Baseny przy Wale Miedzeszyńskim 407, Wał Miedzeszyński 407 Street, entrance from Zwycięzców Street (location on Google map). Attractions include two outdoor swimming pools with dimensions of 50m x 15m and a depth of up to 1.80m, a slide, and a small beach – the possibility of renting sunbedsWebsite in PolishFacebook.

Photo source: Baseny przy Wale Miedzeszyńskim 407

Outdoor swimming pool in Powsin (Kabaty Forest)
Location: Park Kultury w Powsinie, Maślaków 1 Street. Attractions include the main pool (25 m x 12.5 m) equipped with a spiral slide 25 m long, a paddling pool for children, a water playground with water attractions, playground in the shape of a shipWebsite in Polish. Facebook.

Photo source: Park Kultury w Powsinie

Guarded swimming area and beach at the Czerniakowskie Lake in Mokotów

Guarded swimming area and beach at the Czerniakowskie Lake in Mokotów
Location: Jeziorko Czerniakowskie, Jeziorna 4 Street (location on Google map). FREE ENTRANCE. Coastline length: 30 m. On hot days, it is worth knowing that in Warsaw there is a lake with a guarded beach. And the coolest thing – you don’t have to go far – the beach is in Mokotów! The lake in Polish is called “Jeziorko Czerniakowskie” and is the largest natural water reservoir in Warsaw. It is a water nature reserve – a protected area. The beach and swimming area are located on the side of Jeziorna Street. There are lifeguards on the beach and the water is regularly tested. In winter, the beach is a popular winter swimming place in Warsaw. Please note that due to its convenient location and small size, the beach is often crowded – especially during weekends and holidays. Website in PolishFacebook.

Photo source: OŚRODEK SPORTU i REKREACJI Warszawy w Dzielnicy Mokotów

Water playground in Wawer

Outdoor water playground in the Wawer district of Warsaw
Location: Wodny plac zabaw, Starego Doktora 1 Street (Wawer), location on Google Maps. Open daily in the summer season, 10 am – 7 pm, free entrance. Swimwear is required. More in Polish.

Photo source: OSiR Wawer

Water parks in the Warsaw area with outdoor pools

“Wodny Park Warszawianka” – water park in Mokotów with a year-round outdoor swimming pool
Location: Wodny Park Warszawianka, Dominika Merliniego 4 Street, 02-511 Warszawa (location on Google map). 4 km from the city center (in the Mokotów district). The recreational part of the Water Park includes a recreational and swimming pool with a maximum depth of 1.40 m, a paddling pool for children with an elephant-shaped slide, an artificial river, pipe-shaped slides (45 and 72 meters long) with separate landing pads, an open slide inside the swimming pool hall (15 meters long), outdoor year-round heated pool, connected to the main pool hall. The sports part of the Water Park includes a 50-meter “Olympic” swimming pool with 10 lanes. Please note that the majority of this aquapark are indoor pools. Website in EnglishFacebook.

Photo source: Wodny Park Warszawianka

Outdoor Water Park in Zalesie, 25 km from Warsaw
Location: Park Wodny Zalesie, Wczasowa 1 Street, 05-540 Zalesie Górne (location on Google map). The water park is located in Zalesie Górne – a village in Piaseczno County, in the Chojnów Landscape Park, south of Warsaw. Other attractions of the area include an amusement park, wake park, and pedal boat rental (more in English in our post about day trips from Warsaw). Outdoor pools consist of a swimming pool 145 cm deep, and a 45 cm deep water play area with a playground consisting of 3 large slides for adults and children over 140 cm. In this zone, there is also an octopus slide for smaller children. Little children can play in a spray area with spray fountains. Website in Polish.

Photo source: Park Wodny Zalesie

“Park of Poland – Suntago” – indoor & outdoor water park, 60 km south-west of Warsaw
Location: Park of Poland – Suntago, Nowy Świat 1 Street, 96-300 Wręcza (location on Google map). The largest indoor water park in Europe, including 18 pools with a total surface of 3500 square meters (a tropical pool, a thermal pool, and a giant wave pool). Website in EnglishFacebook. Instagram. Our post about aquaparks in Poland.

Photo source: Park of Poland – Suntago

Beach and aquapark in Hotel Warszawianka, 40 km from Warsaw
Location: Hotel Warszawianka, Jachranka 77, 05-140 Jachranka (location on Google map). 40 km from Warsaw. The Aquapark is open to people who are not hotel guests. The Aquapark of the Warszawianka Hotel includes a sports swimming pool (20 meters long and 5 meters wide, water temperature 28°C), hot tubes (water temperature 35°C), a recreational swimming pool in the shape of an island, a wild river, a waterfall, geysers with a water temperature of 31°C, paddling pool for children with a slide and a water umbrella, 90-meter slide (intended for guests over 7 years of age). Hotel Warszawianka is located picturesquely by the Zegrze Reservoir. In the summer season, there is a beach (open to people who are not hotel guests) with a beach bar where you can rent water sports equipment (e.g. SUP, scooters, etc.). More in Polish. Info in English about opening hours, prices, etc. Website in EnglishFacebook. Instagram.

Photo source: Hotel Warszawianka

“Termy Mszczonów” – thermal pools, 50 km south-west of Warsaw
Location: Termy Mszczonów, Warszawska 52 Street, 96-320 Mszczonów (location on Google map). Five thermal pools with water with a temperature of 26-34°C, water drawn from a depth of over 1600 m. Other attractions include water slides, saunas, a salt cave, beach volleyball courts, and a playground for children. Website in PolishFacebook. InstagramOur post about aquaparks in Poland.

Photo source: Termy Mszczonów

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