Indoor and outdoor aquaparks in Poland

We probably won’t be mistaken when we say that a lot of children (and adults!) would indicate water slides in aquaparks as the greatest fun ever.

Water parks are the perfect way to escape the heat or hide from the rain! They are good for every season of the year (well, in Poland, at least their indoor part…;)

Our post features 13 water parks in Poland – most of them offer outdoor pools as well, which is worth taking advantage of it in summer – the best weather for outdoor swimming in Poland is usually only in the second half of June, in July and August.

Please note that aquaparks are very crowded during the holidays and weekends. It is worth buying tickets online in advance (in our post we have included links to buy tickets online for those water parks that offer this).

Water park in “Energylandia” – the biggest amusement park in Poland

  • Location: Energylandia, al. 3 Maja 2 Street, 32-640 Zator (location on Google map). 50 km from Kraków, 60 km from Katowice, 250 km from Wrocław, 250 km from Łódź, 340 km from Warsaw, 430 km from Poznań.
  • Energylandia Water Park is the largest outdoor water park in Poland. There are 3 pools with a maximum depth of 140 cm, 14 water slides, a beach.
  • The water zone of the amusement park operates mainly in the summer period, in favorable weather when the air temperature reaches at least 20°C.
  • Website in EnglishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Energylandia

Water park in the city of Kraków

Photo source: Park Wodny Kraków

“Aquapark Wrocław” – water park in the city of Wrocław

Photo source: Aquapark Wrocław

“Aquapark Sopot” – water park in the city of Sopot

  • Location: Aquapark Sopot, Zamkowa Góra 5 Street, 81-713 Sopot, 2 km from the city center (location on Google map). 
  • The outdoor zone includes a year-round outdoor pool and a seasonal children’s pool with a maximum depth of 130 cm and a water playground (you can go down to the pool by a three-track eight-meter slide).
  • The indoor zone includes a children’s pool (depth 0-30 cm and 30-60 cm; there are water cannons, animals squirting water, slides for toddlers, geysers), recreational pools, sports pool.
  • Website in EnglishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Aquapark Sopot

“Aquapark Reda” – water park in northern Poland with real sharks swimming in a coral reef aquarium

  • Location: Aquapark Reda,  Morska 5 Street, 84-240 Reda (location on Google map). 40 km from Gdańsk.
  • Aquapark Reda is an indoor water park including “Castle Pool” (the swimming pool complex), “Pirate Bay” (a pool for children with 7 slides), a family slide, a river expedition, a wave pool.
  • Other attractions include a Shark Slide (a 60-meter long slide with a tunnel through the aquarium with real sharks). 
  • Website in EnglishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Aquapark Reda

“Termy Maltańskie” – water park in the city of Poznań

Photo source: Termy Maltańskie

“Tropical Pools” – water park in the city of Kielce

  • Location: Baseny Tropikalne Binkowski Resort, Szczepaniaka 42 Street, 25-043 Kielce (location on Google map). 120 km from Kraków, 150 km from Katowice, 150 km from Łódź, 180 km from Warsaw.
  • The pools surrounded by natural tropical plants are located in a glazed hall with a sliding roof. Attractions include 3 large water slides with a total length of 300 m, a lazy river, a water playground for children, paddling pool with water slides for children.
  • The pool is open 365 days a year, the water temperature is 34°C and the air temperature is 32°C throughout the year.
  • Tropical Pools/Baseny Tropikalne are part of the Binkowski Hotel (website in English).
  • Website in PolishFacebook page.

Photo source: Baseny Tropikalne

“Park of Poland – Suntago” – indoor & outdoor water park in central Poland, 60 km out of Warsaw

  • Location: Park of Poland – Suntago, Nowy Świat 1 Street, 96-300 Wręcza (location on Google map). 60 km southwest of Warsaw.
  • The largest indoor water park in Europe, including 18 pools with a total surface of 3500 square meters (a tropical pool, a thermal pool, a giant wave pool). 
  • Attractions for kids include 30 slides with a total length of 3,5 km, a paddling pool, a heated water playground, the adventure river, playgrounds.
  • Online ticketsWebsite in EnglishFacebook page.

Photo source: Park of Poland

“Termy Mszczonów” – thermal pools in central Poland, 50 km from Warsaw

  • Location: Termy Mszczonów, Warszawska 52 Street, 96-320 Mszczonów (location on Google map). 50 km southwest of Warsaw.
  • Five thermal pools with water with a temperature of 26-34°C, water drawn from a depth of over 1600 m. Other attractions include water slides, saunas, a salt cave, beach volleyball courts, and a playground for children.
  • Website in PolishFacebook page.

Photo source: Termy Mszczonów

“Wodny Park Warszawianka” – water park in the city of Warsaw

  • Location: Wodny Park Warszawianka, Dominika Merliniego 4 Street, 02-511 Warszawa (location on Google map). 4 km from the city center (in the Mokotów district). 
  • The recreational part of the Water Park includes a recreational and swimming pool with a maximum depth of 1.40 m, a paddling pool for children with an elephant-shaped slide, an artificial river, pipe-shaped slides (45 and 72 meters long) with separate landing pads, an open slide inside the swimming pool hall (15 meters long), outdoor year-round heated pool, connected to the main pool hall.
  • The sports part of the Water Park includes 50-meter “Olympic” swimming pool with 10 lanes.
  • Website in EnglishFacebook page.

Photo source: Wodny Park Warszawianka

“Termy Uniejów” – thermal pools and water park in central Poland

  • Location: Termy Uniejów, Zamkowa 3/5 Street, 99-210 Uniejów (location on Google map). 60 km from Łódź, 170 km from Warsaw, 150 km from Poznań.
  • The indoor pools include a 147 m² pool with a pirate ship and other attractions for children and a saline and spa pool.
  • The outdoor area includes a 216 m² saline and spa pool, a small saline pool, a paddling pool, a sports pool, water buffet, wild river, paddling pool area with a castle playground for children, slides (several mini slides for children, slides for adults, the largest of the slides is 58 meters long).
  • Next to the water park, there is the aparthotel (website in Polish).
  • Website in PolishFacebook page.

Photo source: Termy Uniejów

“Aquapark Fala” – water park in the city of Łódź

  • Location: Aquapark Fala, al. Unii Lubelskiej 4 Street, 94-208 Łódź (location on Google map). 3 km from the center of Łódź, 130 km from Warsaw.
  • The outdoor zone includes a year-round swimming pool, seasonal inflatable slides, a seasonal slide, outdoor sports pool, outdoor recreational pool, paddling pool for children, playground.
  • The indoor zone includes year-round slides, a saline pool, sports pools, a recreational pool, a water playground with an octopus, a rope bridge, a water bar, a wave pool, a paddling pool for children, a water playground with a shell, a water playground with a ship.
  • Website in PolishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Aquapark Fala

“Aquadrom” – water park in the Katowice area

  • Location: Aquadrom, Kłodnicka 95 Street, 41-706 Ruda Śląska (location on Google map). 20 km from Katowice.
  • “Aquadrom” water park in the town of Ruda Śląska has three zones (Recreation, Sports, Sauna), six slides – small and large, eleven pools – shallow and deep. The Recreation Zone includes six slides, a wild river, an artificial wave, three jacuzzi pools, a special zone for children, a water massage basin, and an outdoor swimming pool. 
  • Website in EnglishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Aquadrom

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