The biggest thermal baths and hot springs in Poland

Bathing in the outdoor thermal pool in winter, surrounded by snow, is quite an experience! However, in the Polish climate, thermal pools are a popular attraction in Poland at any time of the year, not only in winter;) A visit to one of the thermal spas in Poland can be a weekend getaway or you can combine it with hiking or sightseeing. At thermal baths in Poland, you can enjoy outdoor and indoor pools, spa treatments, and other attractions typical for water parks.

Chochołowskie Termy – the biggest thermal pools in Poland, in the mountains, close to the town of Zakopane

“Termy Chochołowskie” offers the largest thermal pools in Poland – 3,000 m² of water surface and 30 pools. You will find there outdoor and indoor thermal pools and attractions typical for an aquapark – slides, geysers, a wild river, an artificial wave, hydromassage stations and a sandy beach and outdoor water playground in the summer season.

The thermal baths are located 17 km from the town of Zakopane – the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains (Our tips in English about visiting the town of Zakopane.)

Photo source: Chochołowskie Termy

Termy Mszczonów – thermal pools in central Poland, 50 km from Warsaw

The water park includes five pools: two year-round thermal pools, a recreational pool, a sports pool, and a children’s pool. Thermal pools have water with a temperature of 26-34°C, drawn from a depth of over 1600 m. Other attractions include water slides, saunas, a salt cave, beach volleyball courts, and a playground for children.

Photo source: Termy Mszczonów

Termy Maltańskie – thermal pools in the city of Poznań

The Termy Maltańskie Water Park has 10+ sports and recreational swimming pools (outdoor and indoor) with a total water surface area of 5,000 m². There are 3 geothermal pools (1 indoor pool, 1 year-round outdoor pool, 1 seasonal outdoor pool) that have the water extracted from a depth of 1,306 meters. Other attractions include an outdoor beach, 11 pool slides, 2 playgrounds, a paddling pool. 300 meters from the water park is the Novotel family-friendly hotel (website in English).

Photo source: Termy Maltańskie

Terma Bania – thermal pools in the mountains, next to a family-friendly hotel

‘Terma Bania’ is an aquapark (indoor and outdoor) with thermal pools located in the south of Poland, in the mountains. It’s situated next to the ski slopes and a family-friendly hotel (Hotel Bania’s website in English and our post about kids-friendly hotels in Poland). ‘Terma Bania’ includes a zone dedicated to children. The thermal water comes from a depth of 2500 m and its temperature reaches 72°C.

Photo source: Terma Bania

Termy Bukovina – thermal pools in the mountains

In Termy Bukovina you will find recreational and swimming pools – both indoors and outdoors. Water is extracted from a depth of 2.4 km. The temperature of the thermal water ranges from 30 to 38°C. In winter, staying in the thermal baths can be combined with skiing.

Photo source: Termy Bukovina

Termy Uniejów – thermal pools in central Poland

The indoor pools include a 147 m² pool with a pirate ship and other attractions for children and a saline and spa pool. The outdoor area includes a 216 m² saline and spa pool, a small saline pool, a paddling pool, a sports pool, a water buffet, a wild river, a paddling pool area with a castle playground for children, slides (several mini slides for children, slides for adults, the largest of the slides is 58 meters long).

Termy Uniejów draws water from three boreholes over 2 kilometers deep.

Next to the water park, there is the aparthotel (website in Polish).

Photo source: Termy Uniejów

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