Beach towns and Baltic seaside resorts in Poland

Beach towns and Baltic seaside resorts in Poland

Hel Peninsula / Półwysep Helski – for those looking for wide sandy beaches or those who want to learn windsurfing

Hel Peninsula / Półwysep Helski

Hel Peninsula is one of the most picturesque destinations in Poland. Just beautiful. It’s 34-km long, narrow (100 m at the entry to the Peninsula in Władysławowo, 3 km at the end in Hel city) sandy land with pine forest and dunes.

Along the Peninsula there is a road, bike path, and rail track – so you can get there even by train – no need to suffer in holiday traffic!

From the north, there are wide sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, and from the other side, there is the Bay of Puck (Zatoka Pucka) that offers good conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The Peninsula is so narrow that it is easy to walk from one shore to another. The perfect destination for families with smaller children, as well as with older kids who want to learn windsurfing.

If you would like to learn or practice windsurfing and kitesurfing go to Chałupy (the number one destination in Poland for surfers). You can go windsurfing in Jastarnia and Jurata too.

Go to Jurata if you are looking for beaches that are not very crowded even during the high season. It’s a perfect destination for family holidays. The only disadvantage… in most of the restaurants in Jurata, prices are higher than in Warsaw;)

Jastarnia offers more restaurants, stores, and hotels than Jurata and it’s cheaper. However, more crowded.

Władysławowo is one of the most popular summer destinations in Poland, meaning – extremely packed during holidays.

Hel – a city at the end of the Peninsula. Staying at the Hel Peninsula you can go there for a half a day trip during rainy days (to visit the port, lantern, seal center).

The western part of the Polish Baltic coast: the towns of Świnoujście & Międzyzdroje and the Wolin National Park

Świnoujście is located on the northwestern edge of Poland, right on the border with Germany. The town comprises 44 islands, three of which are inhabited.

The beach in Świnoujście is 10 kilometers long (4 km on the Uznam island and 6 km on the Wolin island). In summer, the waters of the Baltic Sea near Świnoujście are the warmest on the Polish coast

Międzyzdroje is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Polish coast. In summer, bustling with life around the clock – here you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The town is visited by several hundred thousand tourists each year.

Międzyzdroje, unlike many other Polish seaside resorts, is also open to tourists outside the summer season. Many restaurants, cafes, and attractions of Międzyzdroje are also open in the fall and winter.

One of the attractions of the Polish west coast of the Baltic Sea is the Wolin National Park (Woliński Park Narodowy). It is one of the two (next to Słowiński National Park) national parks in Poland located by the sea. The park is located on the largest Polish island – Wolin. 

The Park’s attractions include steep cliffs, beautiful forests, glacial hills, and lakes.

The city of Sopot – the resort on the Polish Baltic Sea, where it is easiest to get to (by plane, train, car) 

If you do not live near the Polish coast, and you want to go to the Baltic beach – choose the city of Sopot. The city is well connected – you can get there by train (to Sopot or Gdańsk), by plane (Gdansk Airport) or by car – via the highway.

The city is big and you will find many apartments for rent and hotels, including hotels right on the beach.

Sopot is a popular destination for a romantic getaway, meeting friends (there are a lot of restaurants, pubs, discos) but also for a family trip – there are playgrounds on the beach, many restaurants have playgrounds, and hotels offer various attractions for children.

It is worth visiting Sopot out of the high season (July, August), also in winter. Tourist infrastructure works here all year round.

The Słowiński National Park – mobile sand dunes, lakes, wetlands, and forests by the sea

Słowiński National Park (Słowiński Park Narodowy) is located in the Pomeranian Province, in the central part of the Polish sea coast, 100 km from the city of Gdańsk. The most popular tourist destinations within the Park include Rowy, Łeba, Smołdzino

The name of the Park comes from the group of the Kashubian tribe (Słowińcy), a small ethnic group that once lived in this area. Their history as well as the history of the region can be found in the open-air museum located in the village of Kluki (the museum’s website in English).

The biggest attraction of the Park, unique in Europe, is the desert dune landscape. The mobile dunes are huge – they can reach a height of over 30 meters. The dunes, constantly moving, change the landscape, covering trees and paths with sand.

The lakes of the Park are also unique – they are mixed with fresh and salty seawater.

Part of the European cycling route “EuroVelo 10” is located in the Słowiński National Park (the bike trail that circles the Baltic Sea). Here you can see the Polish part of this cycling route on the map. Hiking trails in the Park are made available for cycling. In many places within the Park, there are bike rentals.

The Słowiński National Park is one of 11 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Poland.

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