Where to see dinosaurs in Poland: the biggest dinosaur parks in Poland

Dinosaurs and their mysterious history fascinate both children and adults. Visiting a dinosaur park is not only entertaining but also educational – and all this outdoors! If you’re fascinated by dinosaurs, check out our list of the biggest dino-themed parks in Poland and go exploring!

“JuraPark Krasiejów” – a dinosaur theme park open all year round, between the cities of Wrocław and Kraków

  • South Poland (between the cities of Wrocław and Kraków).
  • Location: JuraPark Krasiejów, ul. 1 Maja 10, 46-040 Krasiejów (location on Google map). 
  • It is a year-round park, also open in winter (before your visit, check the current opening hours on the park’s website).
  • Main attractions include Dinosaur Park, Evolution Park (indoor museum), Amusement Park, Time Tunnel, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Palaeontology Pavilion, and authentic excavations.
  • The JuraPark sightseeing path is 1,500 m long. Along the path, there are 200 life-size reconstructions of dinosaurs, reptiles, and amphibians (the largest park of its kind in Europe). Along the sightseeing route, there are numerous boards with photographs of environments characteristic of the era of dinosaurs. There are also photos from famous paleolocations – places where dinosaur remains or their tracks were discovered.
  • Other attractions include a pool with balls, Monkey Grove, a children’s train, inflatables, trampolines, merry-go-rounds, a Euro bungee, and a mini coaster.
  • Website in Polish. Facebook. Instagram.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: JuraPark Krasiejów

“Zatorland” – animatronic dinosaurs, mythology park, funfair (located in the same town as Energylandia)

  • South Poland (between the cities of Kraków and Katowice).
  • Location: Zatorland, ul. Parkowa 7, 32-640 Zator (location on Google map). 
  • Open from April until mid-October.
  • The Zatorland park is located 3 km from the biggest amusement park in Poland – Energylandia.
  • There are 60 attractions gathered on 20 hectares of green land. The Park is divided into four zones – Mythology Park, Insect Park, Dinosaur Park, and Funfair.
  • The Park of Animatronic Dinosaurs – over 100 sculptures of gigantic prehistoric dinosaurs (the most impressive moving dinosaur measures 35 meters in length and would reach up to the fifth floor). The creatures are life-sized, most of them move, roar, and interact with visitors.
  • The Mythology Park is dedicated to Greek mythology – visitors can see the most significant characters and creatures from Greek stories. This part of the park includes a rope park for children.
  • The Insect Park – a variety of insects on a scale similar to that of the human body, which allows children to learn about the structure and functioning of insects.
  • Other attractions include a water tram, slides, trampolines, mini go-carts, carousels, a 5D cinema, simulators, the Ferris wheel, the Viennese and chain carousels, and the crazy Drop’n Twist tower.
  • Website in English. Website in Polish. Facebook. Instagram.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Zatroland

“Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny” – the first in Poland Dinosaur Park, Amusement Park, Zoo, Horse Riding Center, Miniature Park, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Witches’ Village

  • Southeast Poland.
  • Location: Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny, ul. Bałtów 8a, 27-423 Bałtów (location on Google map). 
  • Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny is a place full of tourist attractions, including the first in Poland Dinosaur Park (JuraPark in Bałtów), Amusement Park, the Zoo of Bałtów, Horse Riding Center, Miniature Park, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Witches’ Village and many more.
  • JuraPark – along the nearly one-kilometer educational trail, there are nearly 100 life-size models of dinosaurs. Where the Dinosaur Park is now located, there was a Jurassic beach where dinosaurs wandered. The evidence for this is the traces of dinosaurs found in the local gorge. It was this discovery that inspired the creation of the first Jurassic Park in Poland.
  • Safari takes place in ‘The Zoo of Upper Bałtów‘ (in Polish: Zwierzyniec Górny), covering an area of over 60 ha. You will find there over a dozen species of animals, both native and from other continents, including the European bison, Scottish cattle, Tibetan yak, Cameroon sheep, Angora goats, African dwarf goats, deer, Bactrian camel, llamas, wild boars, African ostriches, emu, antelope, cow, Shetland ponies, alpacas, mouflons.
  • Website in PolishFacebook. Instagram.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny

“DinoPark Malbork” – located in the town famous for the Medieval Castle

  • Northern Poland.
  • Location: DinoPark Malbork, ul. Toruńska 61, 82-200 Malbork (location on Google map).
  • The Park is located in the town of Malbork, famous for the Malbork Castle – one of the most magnificent medieval fortresses in Europe, called by many the biggest castle in the world (our tips on visiting the Malbork Castle). Visiting Malbork is an idea for a one-day trip in Poland, a weekend getaway, or a several-hour trip while visiting the city of Gdańsk, from where you can get to Malbork in just 50 minutes (our tips on visiting Gdańsk).
  • The park is open from May until the end of September.
  • Educational path. Forty moving dinosaurs, surrounded by the greenery of the forest, guide visitors through specific periods in the history of the earth. On a 1,350-meter-long nature trail, visitors will see what dinosaurs looked like hundreds of millions of years ago. Dinosaurs make sounds and move their heads, tails, eyelids, and even their belly – imitating breathing.
  • Fossil Museum. The museum presents a collection of fossils consisting of the remains of animals and plants, as well as traces of their activities preserved in the rocks. The central point of the exhibition is a model of a dinosaur skeleton.
  • Dinosaur training. Animatronic dinosaur training shows. The park prides itself on using the latest, advanced technology in the field of animatronics and has animatronic figures of dinosaurs that were used in Hollywood, e.g. in the filming of the movie Jurassic Park.
  • Other attractions of the Park include a high rope course, dragon park, 5D cinema, playground, and The Flintstones Village.
  • Website in PolishFacebook.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: DinoPark Malbork

“Dinolandia Inwałd” – part of a complex of 5 theme parks

  • Southern Poland.
  • Location: Dinolandia, ul. Wadowicka 167, 34-120 Inwałd (location on Google map).
  • The park is open from mid-April until the end of October.
  • Over fifty figures of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The largest exhibit is Mamenchisaurus, which is 22 meters tall from head to tail. Other dino-related attractions include a Cave of Mysteries, Crazy Jeep rides, a paleontological station, searching for a dinosaur skeleton on the beach, and a museum.
  • Other attractions of the Park include a high rope course, go-karts, a climbing wall, a playground, a euro bungee, minigolf, an inflatable playground, and a pool with boats for kids.
  • The Dinolandia Park is part of a complex of 5 theme parks: a miniature park, a mini zoo, a fairytale fortress, a dino park, and the Garden of Pope John Paul II. Website in Polish.
  • Website in PolishFacebook.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Dinolandia Inwałd

“Łeba Park” – located on the Baltic Sea coast

  • Northern Poland, on the Baltic Sea.
  • Location:  Łeba Park, ul. Kolonijna 24A, Nowęcin k. Łeby (location on Google map).
  • The park is open from the end of April until the end of September.
  • A family amusement park located in the seaside town of Łeba. Other attractions of the Park, apart from dinosaurs, include an indoor playground, trampoline park, autodrome, water slides (with clothes on), Euro bungee, minigolf course, gallery of minerals and fossils, Flintstones vehicles, pedal boats for families, water vehicles for children, Ferris wheel.
  • Website in PolishFacebook.

Photo source: Łeba Park

“JuraPark Solec” – open all year round

  • Location: JuraPark Solec, ul. Sportowa 1, 86-050 Solec Kujawski (location on Google map).
  • The park is open all year round.
  • While walking along the educational trail, you can see 100 life-size dinosaurs. Other attractions include the Earth Museum and the Poland in Miniature exhibition. The Playground is available in the spring and summer season.
  • Website in PolishFacebook. Instagram.

Photo source: JuraPark Solec

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