Glamping in Poland – for those who love the idea of reconnecting with nature by going on a camping trip but aren’t too keen on the basic living arrangements

Glamping comes from combining the words “glamorous” and “camping”. It means accommodation surrounded by nature while maintaining the comfort and amenities offered by the hotel. Glamping has become a popular trend, including in Poland – to enjoy being close to nature without compromising on the comforts of modern life.

Planeta Glamping – glamping near Warsaw

The “Planeta Glamping” (five year-round spherical tents located on a 1.5 ha forest plot) is located 27 km from Warsaw, in Zalesie – a village near Warsaw, in Piaseczno County, in the Chojnów Landscape Park by the ponds. Nearby, there is an amusement park (Dzielnica Filmowa amusement park: website in Polish), a wake park (website in Polish)and an outdoor swimming pool (website in Polish).

Photo source: Planeta Glamping

Izera Glamping – the Mongolian yurts

Glamping is located in the mountains of southwest Poland (Góry Izerskie). This glamping site offers three yurts – year-round tents – with heating, air conditioning, a bathroom and kitchen, and a wood fireplace with a view of the stars and clouds through a glass-opening roof. The yurts are comfortable for 4 adults and a small child. Guests can access a small spa with a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi under the stars. Attractions for children include a playground, zip line, sandbox, and playing room. In summer, there is a mud kitchen and a swimming pool.

Photo source: Izera Glamping

Glamping W Bańce – transparent bubble-tents

Located in central Poland – 120 km from Warsaw and 12 km from Łódź (our tips on visiting the city of Łódź). There are ten two-person transparent bubble-shaped tents – guests wake up to the sunrise and fall asleep under the starry sky (each tent is equipped with a telescope). This can be an idea for a romantic weekend – the glamping is open to guests aged 16 and over. These are seasonal accommodations – they operate from May to mid-October.

Photo source: W Bańce

Glamping Czorsztyn – lake & mountains

The “Czorsztyn Glamp” is located in southern Poland, at the Czorsztyńskie Lake in the picturesque Pieniny Mountains, with a view of the Tatra Mountains. What can you do there? Bicycles, kayaks, SUPs, walks, and mountain hiking.

Photo source: Czorsztyn Glamp

Przystań Jeziorany – glamping by a lake

The glamping site is located by a lake in the Warmia and Mazury region, famous for its beautiful lakes. Our tips on visiting the city of Olsztyn with 15 lakes within the city limits. Our post presenting places to visit in Mazury. Two and a half-hour drive from Gdańsk, three-hour drive from Warsaw. Attractions include a beach, a pier where you can fish, football and beach volleyball fields, a playground, pedal boats, SUPs, and kayaks.

Photo source: Przystań Jeziorany

Glamping Głęboczek – glamping on the premises of a four-star hotel

Four tents on the premises of a four-star resort – Głęboczek Vine Resort&Spa. The glamping is a quiet zone – loud meetings in large groups or listening to loud music are not allowed here. Each tent has a private terrace overlooking the lake and surrounding nature. The tents have a bathroom with a shower and are air-conditioned. During your stay in the glamping zone, you can rent a special tipi tent for children (as a space to play or stay overnight) – the 28-meter tent is equipped with two beds. The hotel’s attractions for children include a baby room, a playground, bikes and scooters for kids, kids entertainers, golf classes for children, and treatments for children in the SPA. Other attractions include an outdoor swimming pool, beach by the lake, rowing boat, kayaks, pedal boats and SUPs, cruise on a covered raft with a skipper, and bicycle rental.

Photo source: Głęboczek

Liva Park – glamping in the Warmia and Mazury region

The glamping site is in the Warmia and Mazury region, famous for its beautiful lakes. Our tips on visiting the city of Olsztyn with 15 lakes within the city limits. Our post presenting places to visit in Mazury. Six tent apartments are located on the shoreline, each offering a view of the Elbląg Canal and the forest from the terrace. Attractions for children include a volleyball court, electric cars with a track for children, ponies, a playing room, a kayak rental, and a natural playground. Attractions in the area include bicycle, sailing, and kayaking routes, beaches on lakes, fishing, 30-minute drive to the golf course.

Photo source: Liva Park

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