The city of Łódź – difficult to pronounce, easy to visit!

Why Łódź is worth visiting

The city of Łódź is the third-largest city in Poland (after Warsaw and Kraków). It is an interesting and fun destination for a weekend visit for families. The city is located in the center of Poland and is well-connected with the rest of the country.

And don’t be discouraged by the name of the city – so difficult to pronounce for foreigners, we know! How to pronounce Łódź? Ł = English ‘w’, ó = English ‘oo’, = this is the most difficult part… try to pronounce it as the first sound in Polish ‘good morning’ – dzień dobry – which you have probably already mastered to perfection:)

A typical visit to Łódź starts with a walk along Piotrkowska Street – one of the most famous streets in Poland and a long walking promenade with shops, cafes, restaurants (over 4 kilometers, location on Google map).

The next popular tourist attractions are related to the industrial history of the city. Łódź in Poland is associated with an industrial city – the city’s atmosphere is created by post-industrial buildings and characteristic red brick buildings.

Tourists visit Manufaktura (website, location on Google map) – a 19th-century factory transformed into a shopping center with restaurants, cinema, theater, hotel, bowling alley, playgrounds, and museums (The Factory Museum – where you will discover the history of textile and textile plant developed here in the second half of the 19th century; MS2 Art Museum – in the historic 19th-century weaving building, works from the art collection of XX and XXI centuries are presented).

Another “industrial” attraction of Łódź is the Museum of Textiles (Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa, website, location on Google map). The museum has one of the richest collections of contemporary artistic fabrics in the world. It is a museum of technology, industry, art, design, and fashion. It is a modern, interesting museum, especially for people who are interested in fashion. A visit to this museum can be combined with a walk in the nearby park.

Another important aspect of the city is connected with the history of Łódź – multiculturalism. In the nineteenth century (the period of the city’s fastest development), Łódź was made up of four nations together – Poles, Germans, Jews, Russians. Cultures and languages intertwined, traces of which have remained in Łódź’s cuisine and language to this day.

How to get to Łódź by train, by car, by plane

The city of Łódź is located in central Poland. It is the capital of one of the 16 provinces in Poland. Łódź’s location on Google map.

How to get to Łódź by train

There are several railway stations in Łódź, including Łódź Fabryczna – the largest and most modern underground railway station in Łódź (location on Google map) and Łódź Widzew (location on Google map). Train timetable. The most popular domestic direct connections include Warsaw (the shortest travel time: 1 hr 25 mins, to Łódź Fabryczna railway station), Wrocław (3 hrs 08 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station), Poznań (3 hrs 07 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station), Gdańsk (4 hrs 47 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station), Katowice (2 hrs 46 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station), Lublin (3 hrs 48 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station), Toruń (2 hrs 23 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station), Kraków (2 hrs 48 mins, to Łódź Widzew railway station).

How to get to Łódź by car

The city of Łódź is well connected with other cities in Poland. Approximate (depending on traffic) travel time from: Warsaw 2 hrs 30 mins, Wrocław 2 hrs 30 mins, Poznań 2 hrs 30 mins, Kraków 3 hrs 25 mins, Gdańsk 3 hrs 20 mins, Katowice 2 hrs 20 mins, Lublin 3 hrs 10 mins, Toruń 2 hr.

How to get to Łódź by plane

There is an airport in Łódź that serves several international connections (including Dublin, London). Łódź Airport (in Polish: Port Lotniczy Łódź) is located in the south-west part of the city, 6 km from the city center (location on Google map, website in English).

The Zoo in Łódź and its new part – ‘Orientarium’

The new part – Orientarium – is opened to visitors from April 29, 2022.

For several years, the Łódź Zoo has been developing a huge new project – Orientarium. The Orientarium is dedicated to the fauna and flora of Southeast Asia. The author of the Orientarium project in Łódź is the same studio that designed the Africarium in the city of Wrocław (our tips on visiting the Zoo and Africarium in Wrocław).

The main attraction of the Orientarium is the underwater tunnel where visitors can observe the coral reef and aquarium for sharks and rays. The tunnel is 26 m long and 2.4 m high. The average depth of the reservoir is 6 m, and at the deepest point – 8 m. The space above the acrylic tunnel was filled with 2.5 million liters of water.

Plants, shrubs, ivy, and grasses planted in the new part of the Zoo come, among others, from Laos, India, Australia, Japan, the Philippines. In addition to gardens, 7 ocean reservoirs and 3 freshwater reservoirs, the Orientarium has enclosures for, among others, Indian elephants, panthers, Malay bears, gibbons, and aviaries for hornbills and Balinese starlings.

Photo source: the Zoo in Łódź

“Aquapark Fala” – water park in the city of Łódź

The outdoor zone of the water park in Łódź includes a year-round swimming pool, seasonal inflatable slides, a seasonal slide, an outdoor sports pool, an outdoor recreational pool, a paddling pool for children, playground.

The indoor zone includes year-round slides, a saline pool, sports pools, a recreational pool, a water playground with an octopus, a rope bridge, a water bar, a wave pool, a paddling pool for children, a water playground with a shell, a water playground with a ship.

Photo source: Aquapark Fala

Science and Technology Center, playing/learning space for children aged 3-10, planetarium

It is the largest Science and Technology Center in Poland. It is housed in an over one-hundred-year-old power plant in Łódź. What distinguishes the Science and Technology Center in Łódź is its unusual location in a building of the first power plant in Łódź (built in 1907).

The main attractions of this place are the science museum, playing/learning space for children aged 3-10, and planetarium.

  • The science museum: Science and Technology Center (Centrum Nauki i Techniki EC1).
  • The Science and Technology Center (over 8000 m² and 5 floors!) was open in 2018 and includes 3 main zones to explore: energy production process, development of our civilization (science and history), and “Microworld – Macroworld” – the presentation of objects and phenomena that too small or too big to observe.
  • Location on Google map.
  • Website, Facebook, Instagram.

  • Playing/learning space for children aged 3-10: “Ulica Żywiołów” (The Street of the Elements).
  • The Street of Elements (“Ulica Żywiołów) is a space organized around the theme of the five elements: Water, Earth, Life, Fire, Air. These are 5 thematic zones where children independently expand their knowledge about the world by playing and conducting experiments.
  • Location on Google map.
  • Website, Facebook, Instagram.

  • The Planetarium.
  • The Planetarium in Łódź is one of the most modern digital planetariums in Poland. Viewers can watch shows on a dome with a diameter of 14 meters. The repertoire includes screenings for children, adolescents, adults, preschool, and school groups. Minimum age for children – over 5 years old.
  • Location on Google map.
  • Website, Facebook, Instagram.

Photo source: Centrum Nauki i Techniki EC1

“Mandoria” – the biggest year-round indoor theme park in Poland, opened in 2021

The Mandoria City of Adventure theme park takes you back to 1521 – the Renaissance, a fascinating age of discovery and travel. It is a year-round park with over 20 indoor attractions, including 2 roller coasters, a two-level Venetian carousel, a 6-track slide. Most of the attractions are already available to children over 90 cm tall, and adults can use all rides, carousels and other attractions of Mandoria.

The park is open all year round, regardless of the season.

Photo source: Mandoria

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