How to celebrate Halloween: ideas and online stores delivering in Poland

To save you time and suggest some fun Halloween ideas, we have collected selected links to online stores delivering in Poland.

Pumpkins! Dynie! Decorating or carving

All online grocery stores in Poland (like Auchan or Carrefour) offer different kinds of pumpkins in October (our post with the list of online stores offering home delivery in Poland). And here you can order a pumpkin carving kit. If you don’t want to cut a pumpkin lantern yourself, you can order a pumpkin with a ghostly smile already carved (Kwiaciarnia Bajka or Euroflorist) and here you can order pumpkin stickers.

The Halloween home decorations – for those who want to go wild!

Want to turn your home into a haunted house? If your budget is right, you can let your imagination run wild. Polish online stores are full of spooky decorations: Funidelia (including spider webs, balloons, and other Halloween inflatable decorations, table decorations); Party Budzik (decorations, accessories, balloons); Party Shop Congee (outdoor, banners, confetti, door/window decoration), PartyBox (decorations, accessories for kids).

An online costume party and virtual trick-or-treating (not such a bad option, considering the Polish climate;)

Some families will host virtual video Halloween parties with family and friends. We know this is not the same as group trick-or-treating. But looking for the positives in this situation – Halloween online party can be truly international, your costumes can be admired by relatives and friends from all over the world!

And one more advantage of a virtual event (and it has to do with the weather in Poland…). We don’t know what are your experiences with the outdoor trick-or-treating in the Polish climate but our children’s thin, airy Halloween costumes did not match the weather in Poland at the end of October;) The kids had to put on jackets over their lovely costumes… So on the plus side of online parties – we can present our scary costumes in full glory!

These are a few selected online stores where you can order Halloween costumes for adults and children: PartyBox, Maskowy Bal, GoDan Party, Aster Bal.

A candy/toy hide-and-seek – the Halloween version

You can hide wrapped candies, toys, or other prizes throughout the house (or yard) and let your kids go find them. Option for more ambitious parents – you can prepare a map of hidden candies or play in the home version of the escape room.

You can order special Halloween sweets online, with home delivery throughout Poland, including marshmallow pumpkins, French macarons with Halloween prints, chocolate monsters, trick-or-treat lolly, peanut butter eyeballs: Melody – French macarons made in Poland, Candy Shop, Chocolissimo (chocolate candy for Halloween) or Mleczne Krówki if you want to try something Polish for Halloween – fudge candies (krówka in Polish) in a Halloween-themed wrap.

Halloween-themed home-made treats​

You can make some fun Halloween treats as a family (e.g. a pizza with Halloween-themed toppings). Online stores with accessories for cooking and baking can help: Cukieteria (Halloween cookie cutters – spiders, ghosts, bats, skulls; sugar sprinkles in the shape of a pumpkin or a skull), TortyTorty (Halloween silicone molds, edible sugar figures, candy eyeballs sprinkles, and others, treat bags). Other online stores offering Halloween cooking accessories include DlaSmaku, AleDobre, TheCakes.

A Halloween piñata!

Piñata is guaranteed fun for children at any party, including Halloween. You can make your own one out of recycled material or order a spooky Halloween one onlinePartyBox (pumpkin piñata and others), Party Shop Congee (vampire bat piñata), Kucmar (white ghost piñata).

Halloween in Poland

Halloween celebrations are relatively new in Poland. A few years ago, it was almost impossible to buy a pumpkin this time of year in Poland! Now pumpkin carving and pumpkin decorations are more and more popular at Polish schools and homes. There have been themed Halloween parties in recent years in bars and restaurants in Poland and costume parties for kids at schools. Every year more and more children in Poland dress up in costumes for Halloween and travel from house to house playing trick or treat (in Polish: cukierek albo psikus).

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