Top indoor play spaces in Warsaw

Stuck for ideas on what to do with the kids in Warsaw on a rainy day? We’ve rounded up the best indoor and soft play areas in Warsaw in our quest to discover brilliant family attractions in Warsaw.

From slides and climbing frames to ball pools, role-play games, and trampolines, parents have been telling us their favorite play centers in Warsaw. Find the perfect places to go with your kids and get out on your next adventure!

We would like to thank all Warsaw parents who shared their recommendations with us:)

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Praga: Miniciti

A miniature educational town – learning through experience and fun. Dedicated to children aged 7-15.

  • Location: miniciti, Centrum Praskie Koneser, Plac Konesera 8 (Praga). Location on Google Maps.
  • miniciti is a miniature of the professional market, created for children aged 7-15. The playing zones / workplaces are prepared by professionals from various industries, and children have the opportunity to work on real equipment, earn money from the town and acquire financial knowledge – they pay taxes, learn to save and shop.
  • Children spend 45 minutes at one workplace (they will earn 30 Minias (town money) gross, and they will pay 5 Minias for tax). During this time, they perform tasks related to a given profession, which often require the ability to read and write – therefore, school age is definitely the best time to start the adventure in miniciti.
  • 13 different workplaces: bank, art gallery, engineering workshop, fitness club, laboratory, police station, studio, radio, internet editorial office, car service, fire brigade, TV studio and hospital.
  • Parents do not have to accompany their children.
  • Website in Polish, Facebook, and Instagram. Online tickets.

Photo source: miniciti

Wola/city center: Smart Kids Planet

An edutainment center with playing zones dedicated to children aged 0-10.

  • Location: Smart Kids Planet, Warsaw, Fabryka Norblina, level -1, Żelazna 51/53 Street (Wola/city center). Location on Google Maps.
  • Smart Kids Planet is open daily. It is recommended to buy tickets online (to avoid crowds, Smart Kids Planet has entry limits per hour). When you buy a ticket online, you can be sure that you will enter at the selected time.
  • Workshops, birthday parties, trips for schools and kindergartens, cheerful and smart fun in 9 innovative and interactive zones for smart play. All in Polish and English.
  • Kids in the City is excited to be the media partner of this amazing place.
  • Website in Polishwebsite in EnglishFacebookInstagram.

Photo source: Smart Kids Planet

Bródno/Targówek: Klockownia – Blocks Fun and Learning Center 

Play & learn place for kids aged 0-12 that combines the advantages of a joyful indoor playground and the education center. 

  • Location: Klockownia, Galeria Renova (Shopping Center), Rembielińska 20 Street (Bródno), 1st floor. Location on Google Maps.
  • ‘Little Fingers Area’ dedicated to children from 9 months to 5 years old: large, soft, plastic, and magnetic blocks – just right for a toddler who begins his/her adventure with playing.
  • ‘4 Hands Needed’: the area dedicated to everyone who can manage to pick up, move, and stack large blocks.
  • ‘Hocki Klocki’: the area dedicated to children aged 3+. Younger children can play in the area exclusively under the constant supervision of parents.
  • ‘Foreman in Action’: the area dedicated to children aged 7+.
  • ‘Demolition’: the area dedicated to everyone who is spontaneous and likes fun. Demolition is the culmination of all the effort: the joy of demolishing, turning everything upside down, building from scratch.
  • Construction engineer’s zone dedicated to children aged 5+.
  • Workshops and trips for kindergartens and schools, birthday parties, corporate events, parties (e.g. Halloween), and summer and winter day camps.
  • Website in Polishwebsite in EnglishFacebookInstagram.
  • Our post presenting the Klockownia’s attractions and locations in Warsaw, Wrocław, and Gdańsk.

Photo source: Klockownia

Mokotów: Sensorysie

A playing space focused on the development of children’s senses and cognitive abilities, dedicated to children aged from 1 month to 8 years old.

  • Location: Sensorysie,  Różana 8 Street (Mokotów). Location on Google Maps.
  • Dedicated mainly to children aged from 1 month to 8 years old, however, older children can visit too.
  • Workshops and trips for kindergartens, birthday parties, events, parties, and summer and winter day camps.
  • A playroom: slides, horizontal nets, a forest-themed area, a playful seal cave filled with balls, magnetic building blocks, manipulation boards.
  • Sensory Labyrinth: dedicated rooms immerse visitors in a journey through the senses. During a 45-minute interactive performance, children with their guardians venture through these rooms, all under the vigilant guidance of their appointed guide, who provides step-by-step instructions.  The performances are tailored to two different age groups: 2-4 years old and 5-8 years old.
  • Website in Polishwebsite in EnglishFacebookInstagram. Online tickets.

Photo source: Sensorysie

Wilanów/Zawady: Hop&Pop

A space for children to play with a cafe.

  • Location: Hop&Pop, Plac Vogla 62/26 (Wilanów/Zawady). Location on Google Maps.
  • Birthday parties, corporate events, parties, workshops, and a cafe.
  • A place where families often arrange meetings because of the cozy cafe where the parents can talk while their children play in the playing area.
  • Website in PolishFacebookInstagram.

Photo source: Hop&Pop

Wola: Nutka Cafe

A cafe with two playing rooms: a Montessori-style playroom dedicated to children aged 6 months – 3 years old and a playroom dedicated to children aged 3-9.

A Montessori-style playroom (children aged 6 months – 3 years old)

A playroom (children aged 3-9)

Photo source: Nutka Cafe

Ursynów: Klubokawiarnia Ptaszyna

A small, cozy cafe in Ursynów/Kabaty with a playroom dedicated to younger children.

Photo source: Klubokawiarnia Ptaszyna

Włochy: Airo

Fun for older and younger children: trampoline park (children 4+ and adults) and Space Kids playroom (children aged 0-10).

  • Location: Airo, Łopuszańska 22 Street (Włochy). Location on Google Maps.
  • Birthday parties, events, parties, workshops, sports classes, and a cafe.
  • Airo has two parts: a trampoline park and a playroom called Space Kids.
  • A trampoline park’s attractions include 45 trampolines, a sponge pool, a slack line, a trapeze, a wall run, an airbag, a basketball area, a ninja obstacle course, twister, battle beam, climbing: a boulder and 11 climbing routes. The trampoline park is intended for children over 4 years of age and adults.
  • A playroom’s attractions include three floors to play, mazes, obstacle courses, trampolines, slides, a mini go-kart track, and a toddler zone. The Space Kids playroom is intended for children aged 0 to 10.
  • Website in PolishFacebookInstagram. Online tickets (playroom). Online tickets (trampoline park).

Trampoline park:

Space Kids playroom:

Photo source: Airo

Ursus: Lemurek

A cozy cafe with a playroom dedicated to children aged 0-6/7.

  • Location: Lemurek, Herbu Oksza 18 Street (Ursus). Location on Google Maps.
  • Birthday parties, parties (e.g. Halloween), weekday classes, and a cafe.
  • Facebook.

Photo source: Lemurek

Praga Południe: Jungle Academy

A jungle-theme playroom located in Gocław/Praga Południe, dedicated to children aged 0-12.

Photo source: Jungle Academy

Białołęka: Dziupla naturalna bawialnia

A children’s playroom with a cafe where toys and attractions are made of wood.

  • Location: Dziupla – naturalna bawialnia, Pavarottiego 9 Street (Białołęka). Location on Google Maps.
  • Dedicated to children aged 0-6.
  • Workshops and classes, birthday parties, events, parties.
  • FacebookInstagram.

Photo source: Dziupla

Bemowo: Huśtawka

A playroom dedicated to children aged 0-12 and a cafe.

Photo source: Huśtawka

Ochota: Inca Play

A large playroom with amusement park attractions.

  • Location: Inca Play, Blue City shopping center, Aleje Jerozolimskie 179 Street, level +4 (Ochota). Location on Google Maps.
  • The playroom is intended for children up to 14 years of age.
  • There is a specially designated area in the playroom for children up to four years of age. Younger children can also use the main area of the playroom, but only under the supervision of a parent.
  • Attractions include a four-level maze, a pirate ship, a Ferris wheel, climbing walls (for adults and children aged 6+), tree houses.
  • Workshops and classes for kindergartens and schools, birthday parties, corporate events, parties.
  • Website in PolishFacebookInstagram.

Photo source: Inca Play

Wola, Mokotów, Wilanów, city center, Białołęka, Wawer, Janki, Pruszków: Fikołki

A network of playrooms dedicated to children up to 11 years (up to 150 cm tall).

Photo source: Fikołki

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