Sleigh rides in the vicinity of Warsaw

Horse-drawn sleigh rides are a unique winter attraction in Poland. In Polish, a sleigh ride is kulig. Usually, they are associated with the mountains but in the vicinity of Warsaw, we can also go for a sleigh ride! It is great fun and an opportunity to spend time in nature – with family or friends. Of course, a tiny little detail – snow is needed. However in most cases when the weather changes and the snow melts, there is an option to ride a wheeled carriage.

Below we present several options for organizing a sleigh ride in the vicinity of Warsaw – you can contact all the organizers in English.

Sleigh rides in the Kampinos National Park
The Kampinos Forest (Puszcza Kampinoska) is located right next to the northwestern border of Warsaw. Most of its area is protected within the Kampinoski National Park (Kampinoski Park Narodowy). This is unique on a global scale – the national park borders the capital of the state! Horse-drawn sleigh rides in Kampinos are organized by a family company: website, Facebook. From spring to autumn, they invite you to rides in horse-drawn carriages and wagons, while in winter they will provide you with an unforgettable experience on a sleigh ride with torches and a fire at the end. This company has been organizing sleigh and carriage rides in the Kampinos National Park for 14 years. They use recreational clearings and horse trails following the park regulations and have all the necessary permits. How does it work? Reservations can be made by phone (+48 509 981 487), e-mail (, Facebook, in Polish or English. You arrange for a day and an hour at different places in the eastern part of the park. The ride takes approximately 45 minutes and ends with a fire in a clearing. The cost of such a service with meals (sausage, bread, coffee, tea, or a vegetarian menu) is PLN 80 gross per person. The minimum number of people is 5. Our tips in English on hiking in the Kampinos Forest.

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Sleigh rides 50 km east of Warsaw
Sleigh rides are organized in winter by a company that runs agritourism – Mazowieckie Sioło Julianówka (you can plan, apart from sleigh rides, for example, a weekend stay and book accommodation), 50 km east of Warsaw, 6 km from the town of Mińsk Mazowiecki (location on Google map, website, Facebook). How does it work? You should contact them to register for a sleigh ride, and when it snows, they will contact you to confirm the date of the sleigh ride. Reservations can be made by phone (+48 600465232), e-mail (, Facebook, in Polish or English. The attractions include a horse-drawn sleigh ride with attached sledges, sledding downhill (on sledges and hay bags – you can rent equipment ), a fire, food, drinks

Photo source: Mazowieckie Sioło Julianówka

Sleigh rides 40 km from Warsaw on the edge of the Kampinos Forest
Sleigh rides are organized in winter by a stable – Stajnia Dorado (location on Google map, website in English, Facebook). How does it work? Sleigh rides take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 11 am and 2 pm, during the week the dates are agreed upon individually. Reservations can be made by e-mail: The sleigh ride (the sleigh can hold a maximum of 7 people) or the carriage takes approximately 1.5 hours. With more people, 2 rounds are made – one group stays in the orchard by the fire, and the other group goes on a sleigh ride.

Photo source: Stajnia Dorado

Sleigh rides 25 km west of Warsaw, near the town of Pruszków
Sleigh rides are organized in winter by a horse riding school – Patataj (location on Google map, website in Polish, Facebook). How does it work? When the weather conditions are favorable and it is snowing, sleigh rides are organized in a nearby meadow and forest. There are 3 sleds available. Each pair of sleighs can accommodate a maximum of 5 people, which gives a maximum of 15 people for one ride. In the case of larger groups, you can have additional rides (then the sleigh ride takes place in turns). A single sleigh ride takes 1 hour and costs 600 PLN. Torches (necessary after dark) cost PLN 20 per piece. One sledge requires 2 torches (1 torch burns for approx. 30 minutes). After the sleigh ride, you can use the restaurant, you can also order a bonfire with sausages and a hot meal. You need to book a date in advance:, +48 518 444 204. 

Sleigh rides 35 km south-west of Warsaw
Sleigh rides are organized in winter by a horse riding school – Mirabell (location on Google map, website in Polish, Facebook). How does it work? Horse-drawn sleigh rides take place in the Mazowiecki Landscape Park. Day and night sleigh rides (by torchlight) are organized. Suggested sleigh ride agenda: Sleigh ride, stop at Dąbrowiecka Góra (optional), bonfire with sausages, winter games on request. Duration, including the ride, bonfire and roasting sausages, is about 3 hours. You need to book a date in advance:, +48  600 915 818, +48 607 481 623. 

Photo source: Stajnia Mirabell

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