Skiing in Poland: where to spend ski holidays in Poland and where to learn to ski in Poland

When the temperature drops below zero, you can start planning your ski adventure in Poland. And the best part is that you don’t need to drive for hours south of Poland, to the mountains! You can enjoy many ski slopes all over Poland, including big cities.

What will you find in our post? Information about local small ski resorts within a relatively short distance from the biggest cities in Poland. They are perfect for children and adults who want to learn skiing or if you want to have a weekend ski break in Poland. The post covers also some of the most popular ski resorts in Poland for those who plan their winter holidays in Poland or are looking for more advanced ski runs.

Note: Most of the listed slopes are artificially snowed, however, they require a temperature below zero. Please check Facebook or the website of selected destinations to see if they are open at a given time.

Zakopane area – the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains



Tri-City: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot


Katowice area



The town of Zakopane area

The town of Zakopane (located in southern Poland in the Tatra mountains, 100 km from the city of Kraków) is called “the winter capital of Poland” (in the area of Zakopane there is the highest ski mountain in Poland and the most skiers and tourists visiting, especially during Christmas time and school breaks in Poland – January and February).

You will find there slopes for advanced skiers as well as for children and those who want to learn skiing with the instructor.

For tips on visiting Zakopane, check out our post The town of Zakopane – the heart of the Polish Tatra Mountains (how to get there, things to do).

Zakopane area – Kasprowy Wierch: the highest ski mountain in Poland

Kasprowy Wierch is the highest ski mountain in Poland. Mount Kasprowy Wierch (1 987 m a.s.l.) is located 3 km from the center of Zakopane (you need to go to Kuźnice where the cable car station is located), offering steeper slopes, from very hard ski routes to easy ones. From the top of Kasprowy Wierch, there are two ski runs: Gąsienicowa (with a four-person chairlift) and Goryczkowa (with a double chairlift). Both slopes have FIS homologation and from both slopes, you can ski down to Kuźnice (and go back to Zakopane or go up to Kasprowy with the cable car).

On the top of Mount Kasprowy, you will find (besides the beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains) a restaurant and ski rental and service shop.

At Mount Kasprowy there is no artificial snow (the resort is entirely located within the Tatra National Park with strict environmental regulations, which is also the reason why some of the ski infrastructure hasn’t been modernized) so it happens that the ski slopes are closed (on the other hand, it happens that Kasprowy Wierch is open for skiing in early May!). You can check the snow conditions here, the map of ski trails and routes here, and here buy online tickets for the cable car.

Zakopane area – Polana Szymoszkowa: with a hotel next to the ski slope

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The ski resort Polana Szymoszkowa is located 2 km from the center of Zakopane. It can be an option for those looking for a hotel located next to the ski slope (Hotel Bachleda Kasprowy) or those who would like to learn to ski. There is a carpet ski lift available for children and two chairlifts: a six-person cabin chairlift (the slope’s length is over 1 300 m) and a chairlift for a smaller slope (400 m) – perfect for beginners. You can book ski lessons for children or adults (contact information). Start early in the morning to avoid long lines!

      • Polana Szymoszkowa, ul. Polana Szymoszkowa 2, 34-500 Zakopane, website, Facebook

Nosal: all runs and lifts for beginners

skiing in poland Zakopane Nosal

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The Nosal Ski Training Centre (Centrum Szkoleń Narciarskich Nosal) is located 3,5 km from the center of Zakopane. Nosal offers 5 lifts (all for beginners at various stages of learning) and different kinds of ski lessons for children and adults. On-site you will find a ski/snowboard rental shop (including clothes).

      • Centrum Szkoleń Narciarskich Nosal, Oswalda Balzera 30, 34-500 Zakopane, website, Facebook

Białka Tatrzańska: many kilometers of ski runs and many attractions for children, 20 km from Zakopane

skiing in poland bialka

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Białka Tatrzańska is a picturesque village in the Tatras Mountains region (Podhale), located 100 km from Kraków and 20 km from Zakopane. There are three main ski resorts: Kotelnica, Bania, and Kaniówka (connected), offering many attractions to children.

Kotelnica is the biggest ski resort in the region, offering 14 kilometers of ski runs (including slopes for beginners and the runs with the FIS homologation), several kilometers of cross-country trails, freestyle snowpark. On-site you will find ski school, ski and snowboard rental and service, restaurants.

Bania Ski & Fun is a ski resort located at the Bania Thermal Baths and the Bania Hotel offering many attractions to families. From Hotel Bania, skiers can go directly to the Bania Ski & Fun family area and the slopes of the Kotelnica Resort.

Kaniówka offers 5 lifts and 5 ski runs from 470 m to 65 m, all of them illuminated, artificially snowed, and groomed.

Malta Ski: skiing in the heart of the city of Poznań

skiing in Poland Poznan

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You don’t have to leave Poznań if you want to go skiing. Next to Malta Lake, you will find two slopes: the main one 150 m (2 lifts – a chairlift and a platter/drag lift), small one 30 m (a platter/drag lift). Open Monday – Friday 10 am – 9 pm; weekend 11 am – 6 pm. Closing times may change due to bad weather conditions. And if you would like to learn to ski, there are plenty of options for ski lessons and courses.

ChodzieSKI ski resort: just 70 km from the city of Poznań

skiing in poland poznan

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The resort is located in the town of Chodzież, 70 km from Poznań. The ski slope is 132 m a.s.l. (350 meters of the ski run), with 2 lifts. On-site, there is a ski rental and ski school.

Górka Szczęśliwicka: skiing in the heart of Warsaw

winter attractions in Warsaw Poland

Photo source: Aktywna Warszawa

Skiing in Warsaw is possible! The Górka Szczęśliwicka ski slope is located in the center of Park Szczęśliwicki – the biggest (30 ha) park in the Ochota district of Warsaw. Location on Google map. It’s the highest hill in Warsaw, a 152 m slope called in Polish Górka Szczęśliwicka. The biggest attraction of Górka Szczęśliwicka is the ski slope. It’s a year-round artificial ski slope (the only year-round ski slope in Warsaw and the Mazowieckie Voivodeship). The height of the ski slope is 74.9 m, the length of the run is 227 m, and a plate lift and a chairlift are available.

      • Górka Szczęśliwicka, Park Szczęśliwicki, Drawska 22 Street (Ochota), website, Facebook

The town of Kazimierz Dolny area: skiing and sightseeing

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Kazimierz Dolny ski resort (Stacja Narciarska Kazimierz Dolny) is located 3 km from the famous historic town of Kazimierz Dolny (in Lublin Voivodeship, about 150 km from Warsaw, 230 km from Łódź). It’s a nice option for a weekend break – to ski and to visit Kazimierz Dolny’s old market square or the castle tower (our post with tips on visiting the town of Kazimierz Dolny).

Kazimierz Dolny ski resort offers 6 ski routes: 590 m, 470 m, 250 m, 210 m, a route dedicated to snowboarding, and a carpet ski lift (110 m). You can book a ski lesson with an instructor (for children or adults).

Góra Kamieńsk ski resort: one-hour drive from Łódź and a two-hour drive from Warsaw 

Skiing in Poland

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The Góra Kamieńsk ski resort is located 70 km from Łódź and 170 km from Warsaw. The ski resort is located on Mount Góra Kamieńska – the mountain artificially made of heaps from the coal mine, offering a 4-person chairlift, 2 platter/drag lifts, and a 150 m carpet lift. The whole slope is illuminated, artificially snowed and groomed. The longest ski run is 760 meters long. On-site you will find restaurants, a ski rental, and a ski school (cash only!).

      • Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji “Góra Kamieńsk”, Huby Ruszczyńskie, 97-360 Kamieńsk, website

Łysa Góra: skiing in the city of Sopot

Skiing in Poland Sopot

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The ski slope in Sopot (286 m) is located on Mount Łysa Góra (110 m a.s.l.). The slope is illuminated, groomed, and artificially snowed. From the top, you can admire the beautiful views of Gdansk and Sopot.

      • Łysa Góra, ul. Herberta 9, 81-826 Sopot, Facebook

Ośrodek Narciarski Koszałkowo – Wieżyca: just 40 km from Gdańsk

skiing in poland gdansk

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The resort is located in the Kaszuby region, 40 km from Gdańsk, offering two slopes (300 m and 150 m), 8 ski lifts, 2 carpet lifts, snow tubing, ski rentals and service, ski schools, restaurants. The slopes are covered with artificial snow and illuminated after dark.

Zieleniec Ski Arena: one of the biggest ski resorts in Poland, 70 km from Wrocław

Skiing in POland snowboarding in POland

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Zieleniec is one of the biggest ski resorts in Poland, located 70 km from Wrocław, and 200 km from Katowice. It offers 23 km of ski runs (the longest one: 2 800 m), 22 runs with artificial lighting until 9 pm, 29 ski lifts (including carpet lifts for children and beginners), and many options of skiing classes for children and adults.

Przełęcz Sokola ski resort: located in the mountains called the most mysterious mountain range in Poland

skiing in poland

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Przełęcz Sokola is located at an altitude of 754 m a.s.l. in the Sowie Mountains (Góry Sowie) in southwestern Poland, 80 km from Wrocław. It offers 4 ski runs with a total length of 2400 m, ski school, ski rental.

Czarna Góra ski resort: 20 ski runs, advertised at the clean air zone

Skiing in Poland

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Czarna Góra ski resort is located in the Sudetes / Sudety Mountains, 120 km from Wrocław and 220 km from Katowice, 290 km from Kraków, offering 20 ski runs (six lifts, three cable cars, and four carpet lifts) for both advanced skiers and beginners. The resort includes four hotels/aparthotels. The ski runs have FIS approvals, are groomed twice a day, and are equipped with a modern snowmaking system, and lighting enabling night skiing. The resort advertises that they are in the clean air zone (all facilities are located at the right height).

Katowice area – Sosnowiec: no need to go to the mountains to ski

Skiing in Poland

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In Sosnowiec (Górka Środulska) you will find 2 lifts on a small slope and 1 on a large one, a ski school, and ski rental and service. The slope was created as part of a post-mining revitalization program.

      • Kompleks Rekreacyjno-Sportowy, Park Środula, ul. 3-go Maja 51, 41-221 Sosnowiec, website, Facebook

Cisowa ski resort: skiing 60 km from Katowice and 60 km from Kraków

skiing in poland

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Cisowa is located 60 km from Kraków and 60 km from Katowice, offering 2 ski runs (700 m and 550 m)illuminated, artificially snowed, and groomed. On-site there is also available a ski rental and service and ski school. The resort is located in the area between Kraków and Częstochowa called “The Eagles’ Nests Trail” (Szlak Orlich Gniazd) where you can visit 25 medieval castles.

Podstolice ski resort: skiing just 20 km from Kraków

skiing in Poland Krakow

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Podstolice advertises as “the ski resort closest to Kraków” (20 km). They offer 3 lifts and 4 runs with a total length of 1.3 km. All runs are artificially snowed and lit. On-site you will also find a ski rental and service, a ski school, a restaurant, and a mini zoo.

      • Podstolice – stacja narciarska, Podstolice 260, 32-020 Wieliczka, website, Facebook

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