How do I entertain my child at home? How to work from home with kids (without losing it)? What can a family do when bored at home? What can kids play at home? How do you stay sane when working from home with children?

Parents all over the world ask these million-dollar questions. Below you will find some options for active screen time – yes! – workout and exercise at home – free exercise videos in English. You can use them with your kids or – hopefully – children will enjoy those videos by themselves giving the parents some time to work or rest

Things to do with kids at home

Get Kids Moving

Workout videos featuring Marvel superheroes, Star Wars and Harry Potter characters. Kids can train along side their favorite superheroes, train like a Jedi, or practice their wizarding skills – all doing exercises at home.
Free videos on YouTube.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos designed for kids, inspired by children’s favorites books and movies (eg. Harry Potter, Frozen, Pokemon, Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars).
Free on Cosmic Kids YouTube channel.
Commercial-free Cosmic Kids App (14-day free trial).

Little Sports

Home exercises for children to stay active (simple workout like jumping jacks, the windmill, squat, etc.).
Free videos on YouTube.

Go with Yoyo – Fitness Fun for Kids

Fitness fun, Zumba, playful yoga, exercise games for kids and parents.
Free on Go With Yoyo YouTube channel.

Kid Explorer – Kid Fit GO

Workouts run by 3 kids, designed for everyone, at every fitness level, with no equipment required.
Free videos on YouTube. Website in English.


Meditation, yoga, calming down techniques, workout, kung fu for little children and families.
Free on Moovlee YouTube channel.

Kid’s Yoga & Meditation from Alo Gives

5-minute yoga & meditation videos for kids.
Free videos on YouTube.

Popsugar Fitness – Zumba, fitness, pilates, dance exercises

Tutorials and workouts for adults (and teenagers).
Free videos on YouTube.

Fablefy – The Whole Child – Mindfulness

Interactive animated series introducing and explaining mindfulness to children.
Free on Fablefy YouTube channel.


Videos in English and Spanish dedicated to children aged 0-4, combining Zumba, music, dance, and educational activities.
Free videos on YouTube.

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Keep your kids busy with guilt-free screen time