Wintertime in Poland: December – a month with the shortest day of the year in Poland, January – the coldest month in Poland, February – the least rainy month in Poland

In 2020, astronomical winter begins on December 21 with the winter solstice – it’s the day with the fewest hours of sunlight in Poland in the whole year. On a positive note – starting from December 22, the days in Poland get longer and the nights shorter. The length of the day goes from 7 hours 42 min. on December 22 to 10 hours 50 min. at the end of February.

Winter in Poland is cold and usually snowy. To stay cozy in cold weather in Poland, you will need a hat, coat, scarf, gloves, and winter boots. The lowest temperature is recorded in eastern and southern PolandRemember that the temperature in the wintertime in Poland drops significantly at night!

The weather during the winter in Poland differs. Usually, the temperature is around freezing or a few degrees below, but it happens that the temperature drops below -20 °C (-4 °F). Recent years have seen an increase in average winter temperatures compared to previous years. Trends also indicate that we can start getting used to relatively warmer December in Poland and winter shifting for the period from January to March.

WInter in Poland

Weather in Poland in December

Because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, December is a favorite month of many people in Poland. The name of the month – grudzień – comes from the Polish word gruda, meaning frozen ground. The average temperature in December in Poland drops below zero: -0,16°C / 32°F. The average rainfall level in December in Poland is 38 mm (similar level to March and April). Sunset on December 1: 3.27 pm, December 31: 3.32 pm.

Winter in Poland

Weather in Poland in January

January is the coldest month in Poland. The average temperature in January in Poland is -1,5°C / 30,2°F. The average rainfall level in Poland in January is 37 mm. The Polish name for January – styczeń – comes from the word stykać meaning to connect old and new year. Sunset on January 1: 3.33 pm, January 31: 4.20 pm.

Winter in Poland

Weather in Poland in February

The average temperature in February in Poland is still below 0 (-0,3°C / 32°F). February is the least rainy month in Poland. The average rainfall level in Poland in February is 31 mm. What does the word luty – February – mean in Polish? The word luty in the old Polish language meant fierce, very cold. Sunset on February 1: 4.21 pm, February 28: 5.14 pm.

Winter Poland

Temperature and rainfall information source: Climate Change Knowledge Portal,, data for 1991-2016.

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