GOING BEYOND –  the first Warsaw edition of TEDxKids@AcademyInternational

The first edition of TEDxKids@AcademyInternational will take place on October 11, 2019 in Warsaw. Thirteen children aged 8 to 18 will stand on the TEDxKids stage to tell about their experiences and inspire others to go beyond.

TEDx event Warsaw Poland

Children on the TEDxKids stage in Warsaw will speak in front of the cameras and in front of the audience – both the one gathered in Warsaw and the one following the online live broadcast. The language of the speeches will be Polish. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, in the form of short, powerful talks. Independently run TEDx events help share ideas in local communities around the world.

TEDxKids@AcademyInternational is organized by Academy International – a network of bilingual schools in Warsaw. The event is held under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw, the International Chapter of the Order of Smile, and Janusz Korczak Institute of Children’s Rights.

We want young superheroes who will stand on the stage of TEDxKids@AcademyInternational to become an inspiration for other people, both children and adults. We want to show children in our schools, but also to everyone else, that it is worth talking about what you experience, especially if these experiences force us to go beyond, do the right thing and help others.

Ewa Turek, Director of Education at Academy International

What should you do to sit in the TEDxKids audience?

The event is free. To participate you need to register. Based on the submitted applications, 100 people will be selected to sit in the audience of TEDxKids@AcademyInternational.

We are aware of how popular the TED and TEDx conferences are. We want to create the best conditions for our young superheroes. We know that public appearances are very stressful and too large audience can be overwhelming for children. That is why we decided that we want to choose people in the audience – to be sure that they will support our exceptional young speakers with their good energy” – declares Ewa Turek of Academy International.

TEDx event – TEDxKids@AcademyInternational – Going Beyond

October 11, 2019

Location: Warsaw, Łowicka Cultural Center (Centrum Łowicka), Łowicka 21 Street (Mokotów), 9.30 am – 5.15 pm. Facebook event in Polish.

Kids in the City is happy to be a media partner of TEDxKids@AcademyInternational.