May 2021 in Warsaw: ideas and tips for making the most of your spring in Warsaw

Our Partner of the Month
British Primary School of Wilanow (BSW) is an international primary school. Our school is aimed at the internationally-minded community in Warsaw who seek an international education through English. Our school is a fully compliant member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS). It is also registered with the Polish Educational Authorities, with some specific exemptions from Polish Educational Law. These exemptions allow BSW to follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum delivered in English by British qualified teachers. BSW provides education for children aged 3 to 14 years old. Please contact our Admissions Officer Ms. Burrows for more information or visit our website BSW.


Parks to relax in May in Warsaw

The Ujazdowski Park (city center)

The Ujazdowski Park is one of the most valuable monuments of garden art in Warsaw (designed and opened in 1896). It is located in the heart of Warsaw, just 600 meters from Łazienki Park. It is smaller than Łazienki Park and not so crowded on weekends.

There is a large, modern playground in the park (very popular among families, so if you want to avoid the crowds, visit the playground early in the morning or outside the weekend). Until recently, part of the playground was closed for the winter period.

  • Location: Al. Ujazdowskie 6 Street, city center. Location on Google map.
  • Free entrance.
  • The park is closed at night. Opening hours 6 am – 9 pm.

Discover green Warsaw
As spring is approaching in small steps – it is worth planning walks in one of the many Warsaw parks. Read about 14 parks in Warsaw worth visiting in our post on the website: Discover green Warsaw: charming parks and gardens in the Warsaw area to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Weather in Poland in May

May in Poland is usually warm and reasonably dry. Sunny weather can event turn hot. The average monthly temperature in May in Poland is 13,7°C / 56,7°F, and the average monthly rainfall level is 62,1 mm.

The name of the month (maj) comes from the Latin name Maius. May and March are the only months whose Polish names derive from Latin. Polish names of the remaining months have Slavic roots.

Lilac (bez) is a queen among spring flowers that bloom in May in Poland. In Poland, the most common are purple and white lilacs. It smells awesome but unfortunately, it is very fragile and withers quickly in the home vase. Lilac came to Poland from Turkey through the Balkan Peninsula. For years, an essential part of Polish rural gardens. Blooming usually lasts only up to two weeks so hurry to admire lilac!

Poland in May turns into an orchard full of blooming fruit trees. It’s the time when fruit trees are in fool bloom. Wonderful sakura cherries receive special admiration in Japan, they are the symbol of Japan. In Poland, in the spring, pear, apple, cherry, plum trees bloom. Apple trees, however, dominate in Poland, with their white, slightly pinkish flowers. May also means the start of a busy season for bees!

You can’t miss pinkish-white cone-shaped flowers of chestnuts (kasztan) that have become a symbol of high-school final exams in Poland that take place in May (this year exceptionally in June).
In Poland, chestnuts grow mainly in parks and along roads. It is a huge tree – in Poland, the largest chestnut trees reach about 30 m in height and about 600 cm in the circumference of the trunk. The oldest chestnut in Poland grows in the Wielkopolskie Province and is over 200 years old!

Read more about the weather and changes in nature in Poland in spring.

Sunday trade ban in Poland in May 2021

In May 2021, all Sundays are trade ban Sundays. The next shopping Sunday in Poland is June 27, 2021. Click here to read our post about shopping Sundays in Poland in 2021. Read our post with the list of online stores in Warsaw and other cities in Poland delivering groceries to home.

Dates to remember in Poland in May 2021

  • May 1

Labor Day
A bank/public holiday in Poland. Stores, malls, shopping centers are closed. Only some smaller local convenience stores can be open. Stores at gas stations are open every day, 24 h. Usually, in Warsaw and other major cities in Poland, there are political marches to promote workers rights.

  • May 2

Flag Day
A regular working day (Sunday in 2021). It’s a relatively new holiday in Poland (introduced in 2004). You can notice Polish flags in some private windows and balconies as well as displayed in public institutions buildings.

  • May 3

Constitution Day
A bank/public holiday in Poland. The May 3rd Constitution was passed in 1791 and is claimed to be the first written constitution in Europe and second one in the world (after the American one). Usually, the Constitution Day is celebrated with speeches, military parades, picnics, however, this year due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Poland, all events can be prohibited.

  • May 23

Whit Sunday / Pentecost / Zielone Świątki
A public/bank holiday in Poland (always on Sunday anyway). The Day of Descent of the Holy Spirit – Zielone Świątki (Green Holidays). In Poland, some people decorate their homes with branches with green leaves.

  • May 26

Mother’s Day
It is a day when you call your mum, send her a card, flowers or other gifts. Father’s Day in Poland is celebrated on June 23.

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