What’s on in Warsaw in May 2020: local businesses offering home deliveries, reopened parks, holidays, celebrations, weather

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The list of local businesses offering home deliveries in the Warsaw area

The listed businesses have been recommended by expats living in Warsaw (thank you the communities of Expats in Warsaw and Warsaw Expats Facebook groups for your input!). Let’s support small Warsaw businesses!


Dervish Kitchen – vegetarian Syrian food
“Dervish Kitchen” is located in Hala Gwardii, now delivering in Warsaw. The restaurant is run by Landa – Syrian from her dad’s side, Libyan from her mum’s and British by birth – who prepares and cooks everything herself. Dervish Kitchen is a one-woman orchestra! You will find the menu in English on their Facebook. You can order via Facebook or email: dervish.kitchen@gmail.com.

The Alchemist restaurant – take away & delivery menu
The restaurant is run by English chef living in Warsaw. Their menu is rich and varied, including family meals for 4/6 or more, boxes for 2 and other dishes for home delivery. You can order for example fish and chips, burgers, pizza, halloumi salad, curry box, vegan platter. Family meals include the following dinners: chicken, rib, BBQ, fish, fritto misto, vegetarian. You will find their detailed menu in English on the Alchemist’s Facebook, Instagram, or website. You can order via social media or by phone 22 628 00 23 and +48 797 282 149.

Saral’s Indian Kitchen – authentic home-made Indian food
Saral has stayed with her family in Europe for more than 10 years, and she has missed authentic Indian food in restaurants. She believes that although Indian food is very popular in Europe, people are not familiar with the authentic ingredients, Indian spices, and how they can cook it themselves. To fill all these gaps, 4 years ago, Saral has started giving cooking classes in Warsaw. Now she offers deliveries for orders over 100 PLN and pick updifferent menu for every week. You can order via their Facebook, by phone +48 513 950 393, via WhatsApp group, and learn more about “Saral’s Indian Kitchen” on their website in English

Ola Latina – groceries, vegetables, fruits, juice, flowers
Ola Latina Bistro & Bar run by 2 female chefs from Colombia and Venezuela living in Warsaw, deliveries to home fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy, fresh juices, flowers, groceries (the majority of the products are sourced from nearby farmers). Visit their website in English to order.

Żywa Kuchnia – super healthy meals
The concept of “Żywa Kuchnia” restaurant – a bio-active and healing food from nature. You can order their daily lunch menu or weekend roast menu by phone: +48 505902036, Ubereats, Woltpolska. Learn more about “Żywa Kuchnia” on their Facebook, Instagram, and website in English.

Koko & Roy Deli – #StayHome Menu
“Koko & Roy” is a New York-inspired restaurant in Warsaw, now with a new concept – prepared and specialty foods you can order in their online store. Their #StayHome Menu is designed to travel and keep well (even freeze), comfort and nourish, and to pair with kitchen staples – such as bread, rice and pasta – which you have probably stocked up on by this point. Every item is packaged in a 1000 ml container and can be enjoyed as 2-3 meals or can be shared. Learn more about Koko & Roy Deli on their Facebook, Instagram, and website in English. 

Wyspa Uranosa – comfort food restaurant
“Wyspa Uranosa” restaurant offers take out and delivery of 2-course lunches (1 lunch costs 18 PLN). Every day different menu announced on their Facebook. You can order via Facebook or by phone +48 881 068 069.

Ciao a Tutti – pizza prepared in accordance with the Neapolitan tradition
“Ciao a Tutti” restaurant located in Mokotów offers take out and delivery of pizza, desserts, Italian meat products and wines. You can order by phone +48 534000069, +48 730324444. Learn more about “Ciao a Tutti” on their Facebook, Instagram, and website

Leila restaurant – Middle East flavors
Leila” is an Arabic restaurant, the chef is Jordanian. It offers take out and delivery of mezze, sandwiches (hallumi, falafel, shawarma), and main dishes. You can order by phone 22 1102102. Learn more about “Leila” on their Facebook, Instagram, and website.

Między Nami – lunch and dinner deliveries
“Między Nami” is gastro-pub, café, gallery, opened 20 years ago. It offers take out and delivery of lunch and dinner (2 courses for 30 PLN). You can order by phone +48 601 203 411 or email: info@miedzynamicafe.com. Learn more about “Między Nami” on their Facebook, Instagram, and website.

Indian Taste – supporting Warsaw hospitals
Indian Taste” restaurant serves Indian cuisine – vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes. The restaurant supports medical staff delivering free meals to Warsaw hospitals. It offers take out and delivery. You can order by phone +48 515664995 or website. Learn more about “Indian Taste” on their Facebook and website.

Baku Kebab – deliveries in Wilanów and Mokotów districts
“Baku Kebab” restaurant located in Miasteczko Wilanów delivers to homes and offices in Wilanów and Mokotów – different types of kebabs, falafel, salads, and others. You can order by phone +48 667 229 229. Learn more about “Baku Kebab” on their Facebook.

Radio Café – each day different lunch/dinner menu
“Radio Café” restaurant located in the city center specializes in Polish cuisine, you can find some international favorites on their menu too. Each day different lunch/dinner menu (3-course meal for 25 PLN). You can order by phone 22 625 27 84, via their Facebook, Instagram, or Wspieram Gastro online delivery platform. Learn more about “Radio Café” restaurant on their website in English.

Le Cedre – Lebanese cuisine
“Le Cedre” restaurant serves Lebanese and Arabic cuisine. It offers take out and delivery. You can order by phone 22 670 11 66 or website. Learn more about “Le Cedre” on their Facebook and Instagram.

Vege Miasto – vegetarian food, many gluten-free options
“Vege Miasto” restaurant delivers lunch menu (check their Facebook – every day different options), cold dishes to be heated (eg. 900 ml jar of soup), desserts. You can order on their website. Learn more about “Vege Miasto” on their Facebook and Instagram.

Parivar – Indian cuisine
“Parivar” restaurant located in Praga district offers take out and delivery. You can order by phone +48 516986268. Learn more about “Parivar” on their website in English.

Viva Ibiza – Spanish dishes à la carte and Polish lunch menu
“Viva Ibiza” is a Spanish restaurant located in Białołęka. You can order à la carte or a lunch menu that changes every day. Order by phone +48 790886388. Learn more about “Viva Ibiza” on their Facebook.


Gladem Cakes – desserts and pre-ordered birthday cakes
“Gladem Cakes” was established in 2015 by Lilia – a Ukrainian living in Warsaw with her “international” family – her husband from India and 3 children. “Gladem Cakes” offers deliveries of home made desserts: cupcakes, cakes, sweet and salty tarts, desserts, cookies, vegetarian pastries. When you visit their Facebook or Instagram you will wonder if the photos are of cakes or… works of art. You can order via social media, by phone +48 508 644 053 or email: liliasanghavi@yahoo.com.

Melody – natural ice cream & French macarons
Melody café delivers natural ice cream to homes in the Warsaw area and French macarons in Warsaw and throughout Poland (with DHL courier – if you would like to order a sweet gift for you here in Warsaw or your family or friends somewhere in Poland). You can order French macarons online on Melody’s website. Ice cream home deliveries ordering and information about flavors available on a given day: via Facebook message or phone: +48 509912282.

L’Emotion Cukiernia – French cakes and pastries 
“L’Emotion” – opened recently by two French chefs at Hala Gwardii – offers delivery of “box quarantine”, sweet treats like croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche, eclairs, etc. Check their special offer and place your order on their website. Learn more about “L’Emotion” on their Facebook.

JAVA Coffee Roasters – coffee, tea, plant drinks
“JAVA Coffee Roasters” was founded in 2001, their motto is “Good coffee is a human right”. “JAVA Coffee Roasters” delivers to the home fresh roasted coffee, SUKI loose leaf tea, Fairtrade Tea and tasty plant milks. For coffee they have a promo, discount code: JAVAWDOMU. You can order on their website in English, and learn more about “JAVA Coffee Roasters” on their Facebook and Instagram.

Tutu Cafe – chocolate, tea, coffee
“Tutu Cafe” – a café and tea room located in the heart of Warsaw. In the online store on their website you can order chocolate, tea, coffee. Learn more about “Tutu Cafe” on their Facebook and Instagram.

—>Local CRAFTSMEN delivering their products in Warsaw – flowers, handmade rugs, ceramics, pillows with cherry stones filling, soaps, and candles – find out in our post.

Opening hours of selected (re-opened) parks in Warsaw

Parks in Warsaw are re-open but before going for a walk remember about the current regulations:
  • Cover your nose and mouth
  • Keep at least 2 m distance
Please note that the parks in Warsaw can be crowded, especially during weekends, if you decide to go out, visit the parks in the morning to avoid crowds.
Roof Garden of the Warsaw University Library
Park of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów
  • Opening hours: 9.30 am – 6 pm (last entry: 5 pm)
  • Tickets: 6 PLN (children up to 7 years old – free entrance)
  • The ticket area begins in the courtyard (it used to be free)
  • It’s recommended to buy tickets online
  • The number of people present in the park will be limited based on the recommendations of the sanitary inspectorate
  • More about the park and beautiful photos in our post
Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin
  • Opening hours weekends and holidays: 9 am – 8 pm
  • Opening hours weekdays: 3 pm – 8 pm
  • The orangery, gallery and other facilities will remain closed
  • Cafe Ogród is open during weekdays (3 pm – 6 pm) and weekends – takeaway only
  • Regular tickets: 15 PLN
  • Reduced tickets: 10 PLN (children up to 5 years old – free entrance)
  • Family tickets 2 adults + 2 children: 35 PLN
  • The garden reserves the right to limit the number of visitors and temporarily close the entrance gates when the limit of visitors is exceeded
  • More about the Botanical Garden in our feature story
Gardens of the Royal Castle
Royal Łazienki Park

Garden on the rooftop of the Copernicus Science Center
  • Opening hours May – August: 10 am – 8 pm
  • The Garden is closed on Mondays
  • Entrance through a ramp from the southern part of the building
  • Free entrance
  • More about the Garden
Warsaw ZOO online – videos recorded and commented by animal carers
  • Warsaw Zoo remains closed but you can #stayathome and connect with animals from the Warsaw Zoo
  • Every day, at 2 pm, a new video from the Zoo
  • More on their Facebook and in the Facebook event

Weather in Poland in May

May in Poland is usually warm and reasonably dry. Sunny weather can event turn hot. The average monthly temperature in May in Poland is 13,7°C / 56,7°F, and the average monthly rainfall level is 62,1 mm.

Lilac (bez) is a queen among spring flowers that bloom in May in Poland. It’s also the time when fruit trees in Poland are in fool bloom. You can’t miss pinkish-white cone-shaped flowers of chestnuts (kasztan) that have become a symbol of high-school final exams in Poland that take place in May (this year the exams are postponed due to the lockdown).

Read more about the weather and changes in nature in Poland in spring.

Sunday trade ban in Poland in May 2020

In May 2020, all Sundays are trade ban Sundays. The next shopping Sunday in Poland is June 28, 2020. Click here to read our post about shopping Sundays in Poland in 2020. Read our post with the list of online stores in Warsaw and other cities in Poland delivering groceries to home.

Holidays, observances & celebrations in Poland in May 2020

  • May 1

Labor Day
Bank/public holiday in Poland. Stores, malls, shopping centers are closed. Only some smaller local convenience stores can be open. Stores at gas stations are open every day, 24 h. Usually, in Warsaw and other major cities in Poland, there are political marches to promote workers rights, however, this year due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Poland, all events are prohibited.

  • May 2

Flag Day
Working day (Saturday in 2020). Stores are open. It’s a relatively new holiday in Poland (introduced in 2004). You can notice Polish flags in some private windows and balconies as well as displayed in public institutions buildings.

  • May 3

Constitution Day
Bank/public holiday in Poland. The May 3rd Constitution was passed in 1791 and is claimed to be the first written constitution in Europe and second one in the world (after the American one). Usually, the Constitution Day is celebrated with speeches, military parades, picnics, however, this year due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Poland, all events are prohibited.

  • May 26

Mother’s Day
It is a day when you call your mum, send her a card, flowers or other gifts. Father’s Day in Poland is celebrated on June 23.

  • May 31

Whit Sunday / Pentecost / Zielone Świątki
Bank/public holiday in Poland
(always on Sunday anyway). The Day of Descent of the Holy Spirit – Zielone Świątki (Green Holidays). In Poland, some people decorate their homes with branches with green leaves.

ONLINE open day events at international schools and preschools in Warsaw in May 2020

  • May 20

Virtual Open House at the American School of Warsaw
Learn more in English.

  • May 30

ONLINE Open Day at the Thames British School 
Learn more in English.

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