The next time change in Poland: October 25, 2020

time change in poland 2020

The change to summertime in Poland takes place on the last Sunday of March. Poland switches back to regular time on the last Sunday of October.

The European Union lawmakers decided (it is only a DRAFT directive so far) to end the twice-a-year (March and October) custom of time changes throughout the European Union, leaving member states the freedom to decide their standard time.

The national governments will take a stance – countries that decide to be permanently on summertime would change their clocks for the final time in March 2021 (or later – depending on the speed of the legislative process), countries that opt to be on wintertime would change their clocks for the final time in October 2021 (or later).

In Poland, consultations were carried out on changing the time – 78 percent of Poles are in favor of not changing clocks. The government data shows that most Poles prefer summer time.
It is not yet known whether the last time change in Poland will take place in 2021 – there are no new legal regulations yet.

  • October 25, 2020

On Sunday night, October 25, at 03:00 am clocks are turned backward 1 hour to 02:00 am. This means that we will be able to sleep that day an hour longer. However, there are also disadvantages – it will get darker earlier.

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