Amusement parks and theme parks in Poland

“Energylandia” – the biggest amusement park in Poland

  • South Poland.
  • Location: Energylandia, al. 3 Maja 2 Street, 32-640 Zator (location on Google map). 50 km from Kraków, 60 km from Katowice, 250 km from Wrocław, 250 km from Łódź, 340 km from Warsaw, 430 km from Poznań.
  • Energylandia – opened in 2014 – is the biggest amusement park in Poland, offering 5 zones for little children, teens, adults: Fairytale Land (characters from children favorite cartoons and films, carousels, mini-coasters, cars), Family Zone (attractions for the whole family, height restriction of 140 cm on some of the rides, several roller-coasters, the water rides, sight-seeing train, race at the Formula Autodrome), Extreme Zone (more than a dozen of extreme rides, the fastest and biggest roller-coasters, the enormous pendulum Aztec Swing, a 40-metre arm of the Space Booster which reaches 100 km/h speed, the  Mega Coaster Hyperion – the biggest and fastest roller-coaster in Europe in its category, the Water Coaster Speed – setting the world record among water coasters), Water Park (the largest outdoor water park in Poland; there are 3 pools with a maximum depth of 140 cm, 14 water slides, a beach; the water zone of the amusement park operates mainly in the summer period, in favorable weather when the air temperature reaches at least 20°C.), Dragon Town (a journey to the medieval world of magic and dragons that looks like straight out of The Lord of the Rings, or The Witcher; the main attraction of Dragon Town is the tallest in the world Wooden Coaster Zadra, which reaches the speed of 121 km/h).
  • Website in EnglishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Energylandia

“Mandoria” – the biggest year-round theme park in Poland, opened in July 2021

  • Central Poland.
  • Grand opening: July 8, 2021.
  • Location: Mandoria Miasto Przygód, ul. Dąbrowskiego 1, 95-030 Rzgów (location on Google map). 15 km from Łódź, 145 km from Warsaw, 220 km from Kraków, 190 km from Katowice, 215 km from Wrocław, 240 km from Poznań, 350 km from Gdańsk.
  • The Mandoria City of Adventure theme park will take you back to 1521 – the Renaissance, a fascinating age of discovery and travel. It is a year-round park – over 20 indoor attractions, including 2 roller coasters, a two-level Venetian carousel, a 6-track slide. Most of the attractions are already available to children over 90 cm tall, and adults can use all  rides, carousels and other attractions of Mandoria.
  • Website in PolishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Mandoria

“Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny” – the first in Poland Dinosaur Park, Amusement Park, Zoo, Horse Riding Center, Miniature Park, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Witches’ Village

  • Southeast Poland.
  • Location: Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny, ul. Bałtów 8a, 27-423 Bałtów (location on Google map). 200 km from Łódź, 160 km from Warsaw, 180 km from Kraków, 250 km from Katowice, 390 km from Wrocław, 390 km from Poznań, 520 km from Gdańsk.
  • Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny is a place full of tourist attractions, including the first in Poland Dinosaur Park (JuraPark in Bałtów), Amusement Park, the Zoo of Bałtów, Horse Riding Center, Miniature Park, Prehistoric Oceanarium, Witches’ Village and many more.
  • JuraPark – along the nearly one-kilometer educational trail, there are nearly 100 life-size models of dinosaurs. Where the Dinosaur Park is now located, there was a Jurassic beach where dinosaurs wandered. The evidence for this is the traces of dinosaurs found in the local gorge. It was this discovery that inspired the creation of the first Jurassic park in Poland.
  • Safari takes place in ‘The Zoo of Upper Bałtów‘ (in Polish: Zwierzyniec Górny), covering an area of over 60 ha. You will find there over a dozen species of animals, both native and from other continents, including the European bison, Scottish cattle, Tibetan yak, Cameroon sheep, Angora goats, African dwarf goats, deer, Bactrian camel, llamas, wild boars, African ostriches, emu, antelope, cow, Shetland ponies, alpacas, mouflons.
  • Website in PolishFacebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Bałtowski Kompleks Turystyczny

“Magiczne Ogrody” – Magic Gardens – a fairytale theme park

  • Eastern Poland.
  • Location: Magiczne Ogrody, Trzcianki 92, 24-123 Janowiec (location on Google map). 220 km from Łódź, 160 km from Warsaw, 240 km from Kraków, 300 km from Katowice, 390 km from Wrocław, 420 km from Poznań, 490 km from Gdańsk.
  • Magiczne Ogrody/Magic Garden is a theme park located in eastern Poland, near the charming and popular with tourists town of Kazimierz Dolny. The park covers several hectares with designed greenery, flowers, trees, streams, waterfalls, and of course attractions for children – fairytale zones with mysterious inhabitants. Attractions in the park are intended for children of all age groups. There are only two age-restricted zones: the newest attraction, a treetop route, available for children 4+ with a parent, or 8+; and the mysterious Mroczysko zone – available only for children 6+.
  • Website in Polish, Facebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Magiczne Ogrody

“Legendia” – the oldest amusement park in Poland

  • South Poland.
  • Location: Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko, plac Atrakcji 1, 41-501 Chorzów (location on Google map). 200 km from Łódź, 290 km from Warsaw, 87 km from Kraków, 3 km from the center of Katowice, 190 km from Wrocław, 380 km from Poznań, 510 km from Gdańsk.
  • Legendia – the oldest amusement park in Poland, opened in 1959. It is located in the Silesian Park (Park Śląski) in Chorzów on the border with the city of Katowice. It has an area of approximately 26 ha.
  • The Park offers over 40 attractions for children, families, and extreme ones, including a Ferris wheel (Legendia Flower), large planes (Dream Flight Airlines), cups (Tea cups), Diamond River (sliding into the water from a height of 8 and 12 m), Lech Coaster, The Yaga Valley – a family wild river.
  • Website in English, Facebook page.

Photo source: Legendia

“Farma Iluzji” – world of illusions and other attractions for families

  • Eastern Poland.
  • Location: Farma Iluzji, ul. Mościska 9, 08-455 Trojanów (location on Google map). 228 km from Łódź, 95 km from Warsaw, 270 km from Kraków, 310 km from Katowice, 430 km from Wrocław, 398 km from Poznań, 520km from Gdańsk.
  • There are several dozen attractions on over 6 hectares of green, partly forested area. There are playgrounds, queues and a merry-go-rounds for little ones. For bigger children – a world of illusions, including the Flying Hut of Secrets and the Gold Mine. Every day you can see shows of the art of illusion and other performances. 
  • In summer, outdoor swimming pools are open and a picnic area is available (barbecues and bonfires).
  • Website in Polish, Facebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Farma Iluzji

“Deli Park” – an amusement park near the city of Poznań

  • Western Poland.
  • Location: DELI Park, Trzebaw/Rosnówko, ul. Poznańska 1, 62-060 Stęszew (location on Google map). 215 km from Łódź, 320 km from Warsaw, 440 km from Kraków, 350 km from Katowice, 160 km from Wrocław, 17 km from Poznań, 319 km from Gdańsk.
  • Deli Park is an outdoor green area with mini landmarks, giant insects, mini zoo, located a 20-minute drive from the city of Poznań, on the edge of the Wielkopolski National Park. Attractions include models of prehistoric animals, giant insects, interactive playgrounds, Miniature Park, Mini Zoo, crocodile-shaped playground, inflatables and a mini rope park. Visitors can also use the picnic area.
  • During Christmas and the wintertime, festive illuminations are installed there. You can walk among the illuminated and decorated with colorful lamps the alleys of the park and various types of light illuminations such as a globe, a giant Christmas ball, illuminated light tunnels, a traditional Christmas nativity scene with live animals and Christmas decorations. There is also a Santa’s Grotto, his sleigh with reindeer, at the Santa’s desk, children will be able to sign up for the Book of Good Children.
  • Website in Polish, Facebook page.
  • Online tickets.

Photo source: Deli Park

“Lunapark Sowiński” – an amusement park on the Polish coast

  • Northern Poland.
  • Location: Lunapark Sowiński, ul. gen. Hallera 19, 84 – 120 Władysławowo (location on Google map). 390 km from Łódź, 470 km from Warsaw, 630 km from Kraków, 570 km from Katowice, 530 km from Wrocław, 360 km from Poznań, 66 km from Gdańsk.
  • The Park is located in the town of Władysławowo – one of the most popular Polish resorts on the Baltic Sea. From the Observation Mill, you can see the sea.
  • The most popular attraction of the Park is the classic roller coaster. For lovers of thrills, there are several extreme attractions – Condor, Booster, Extreme. You can laugh in the house of mirrors, or feel a thrill of terror in the castle of fear. There are also classic carousels and floating swans.
  • Website in Polish, Facebook page.

Photo source: Lunapark Sowiński

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